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Crazy golf challenge with junior clubs. In this weeks Challenge Tuesday PGA Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman play a par 5 with junior golf clubs. Check out what score they do.

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Thomas Scrope says:

What is periscope??

Nasty Nate says:

Laughed the entire video.golden. we had a 7 iron at the club was fitted for a kid under 7, seen some great shots with it LOL. Great vid.

Ethan Johnson says:

Probably easier to play on your knees.

Chris M says:

Oh, watching this hurt my back. Haha. Fantastic though.

Jake PlaysGolf says:

do a par 5 widge only

Coolness201 says:

And this is proof a wide stance gives you more power! ?

Sean Hughes says:

where's the trackman? 😉

Gmoney 9 says:

Play a par 5 lefty only

World in a Nutshell says:

what's up with the sheep noise?

What the Putt!? says:

Looks exactly how I play. With normal Clubs.

Adam Crouse says:

play a par 3 with water in play with left handed clubs

Brett Stewart says:

Do a challenge with no grip on all clubs

Louie Balbuena says:

those practice strokes off the fairway with the wood had me dying laughing.

Evan Humphries says:

Andy… I know why your first 4 shots went right… Your club was aiming right aim mor left forever on… plz reply if u think that is OK!!

Patrick Adler says:

Can u please subscribe to my channel it would be amazing.

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