Create the coil! Pete Cowen's signature Spiral Staircase drill

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bill muir says:

"I feel as though my feet are connected to the ground" hmmm. I'm from Mars where it's difficult to feel my feet connected to the ground! Please Don't help.

Alex KALAF Jr. says:

What the hell. Left, right, left right yadda yadda. You're kidding right??

Patrick Case sr says:

Hey fuck face I hope you’re not thinking about quitting your day job 😂😢.

canefan17 says:

Keep the trail knee flexed, set the club early, and rotate. That’s the easiest way to do this drill.

Kevin Arbogast says:

How to create the worlds most complicated swing thought!!! This is going to fuck soooooo many people up!!! Beautiful!!

amfohr says:

Yeah this never worked for me

Hans Gertsch says:

my god, what kind of language is that?

Johnno Johnson says:

if anyone wants a simple version of this, go see this….

mr r says:

Glad watching this…no more pvc pipe as previous teacher.

collins zheng says:

very good, it makes back swing much more powerful and stable

Josh4011 says:

This has to be the worst backswing advice of all time.


No upper body tilt at the start?

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