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CRUISE MY SHIP LIVE GOLF LESSON DAY 1 Mark Crossfield is working on a Cunard trip with one lucky competition winner to see if with dedicated time and great environment a golfer can make the changes needed to hit better golf shots and lower their golf scores. Improving his iron swing and showing him what he needs to do to hit straighter longer drives off the tee. James struggle with sliced golf shots and sliced tee shots. See if Mark can help him hit a draw and gain control of his golf swing.

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Ian Allen says:

Interesting comment regarding the face to path and heel strikes. How they are different yet can send the ball left.

I wish my coach had access to GC2 or some other device as I would probably find it easier to understand errors and their causes in my swing.

I think the guy will make some big changes and succeed in improving his game. How could he not having your time to himself and a day after each lesson to practice. I think my hands would be bleeding after day one lol

Will Borkenhagen says:

Looks like he used to play baseball ⚾️

steerpike50 says:

i feel sorry for coach

William Frogge says:

From my experience it is very hard for a player to take a new move and "feel" from a practice tee to the course. With that said it appears something has clicked in his head with this new move. I am guessing he will be fine for a few holes  but muscle and brain memory of the old move will win. After a month of working on the new positions he will be fine.

Les Williams says:

Great work with the wrist conditions. I think the idea of swinging around the left knee is probably going to be the hardest to fix. Feeling a different pivot on the downswing is incredibly hard to change. Hope he gets it. Cheers

MisterDaveB says:

Will be interesting to see if he can take it to the course. With the desire to hit it long he might revert back. Also uphill/downhill lies might throw him off… Hopefully he works through it – good luck!

Miquel Torres says:

You're gonna have to find a sponsor foor that suit bruh! Looking smaaart!

redlinejcw says:

This is a great series! Taking golf vlogs to a whole new level.

Paul Holford says:

I am hoping that he can remember this and not fall into his old routine. Good work bruh ?

ray oakes says:

get you… harry hill in a suit!! 🙂 Looking sharp. Great coaching vid with james, some useful stuff there.

Dan B says:

Lets face it, James has taken the lens cap hostage and is going to blackmail you into letting him win the golf match!!!!!

On a side note great work so far and I hope James enjoys the trip and coaching, he seems as keen as you Mark to get better so thats a great start!

Randy Mahony says:

I think he's going to fix this problem , it's just repatition and a great coach! Envious!

Jammer53 says:

He will get it, then loose it. Finally if he will stay the course it will come back….it will take a year of
very bad golf, with some outstanding golf before he breaks thru…will he stay the course? Time will tell.

Dave Reid says:

Didn't want to add this comment because there are 262. HAHA. #ThePeoplesPro is a new suggestion for a nickname. Someone said Great Coach, Great Video, Great Channel. I couldn't agree with this more. Excellent Work.

MrJoshthenosh says:

i dunno if he will fix it yet , thought he was kind of stuck behind hes self on the back swing, but if you can teach him functional strike and he can understand it maybe he will

ian campbell says:

love the vlog….looks like you're off to a funeral

David Malfara says:

Hey Mark, do you worry at all about how low and behind him his hands get in the backswing? I ask because I tend to have a similar issue, and while I generally strike it well (play off 9 hcp) my bad shot is a pretty destructive chunk. I feel like he could end up with similar issues from that top-of-backswing position. Thoughts?

Rick Cain says:

Wow, Crossfield wearing clothes without a logo. I was waiting for you to open that jacket and show Titleist or Under Armour on the pocket 🙂

Bill Wallenstein says:

I think he’ll be more consistent with his swing path. He’ll fight the dip but continually improve. The more he swings the more he’ll recognize the flaw. Great video format, probably the best ever done. Bravo !!!!!!

Justin Stephenson says:

He seems to have a short backswing which could mean a lack of rotation

James Holland says:

The names Crossfeild, Mark Crossfield…license to prove club manufacturers lies ?

Robbie Galt says:


Nothing like going to a ball with another bloke. Coach you've been patched son.

simon George says:

Good strikes and shankys

Ian Richmond says:

I think J will look back and think what an experience. To work on your game with a top coach can only improve your game in the long term.

Rodney Mounsey says:

James is going to fix it. Nice work, interesting series!

Lee Walker says:

Like this blog. Can we hear from James his shot thoughts?

Andrew Crawford says:

Hi brah, is he also over the top , kind of into out, a bit like me . Keep up the good work , look forward to part two

Dennis Hammer says:

Mark great concept to keep your viewers engaged ( me ) hats off to you and your Team Titleist.

Shaun Taylor says:

Hi mark , i am sure he will get it after 3 days , but think he will struggle on the course with distance ,
A great series looking forward to watching him on the course ?☀️.??

MrMannydac says:

Yes he will!

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