[CURE YOUR SLICE] How To Stop Coming Over The Top And Slicing In Golf!

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This video is about how to stop coming over the top and slicing the golf ball in golf. 3 simple tips to completely cure your slice forever. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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James Kessler says:

Adam, great advice yet again. Your swing looks so effortless. I’m in Minnesota so all I can do is wait for warm weather and watch videos. I’m around a 12 handicap and hit the ball fairly consistently straight. I’ve watched video of my swing and it’s not as pretty as yours. I’m hesitant to make drastic changes though. I appreciate your videos for the straightforward advice. Thanks again.

Jeff Ewart says:

Same type of swing for 3 wood and hybrid too?

John Moore says:

Loop loop mop

Ben Sulka says:

Adam, your videos are extremely helpful. I’m excited to put some of your expertise into action and practice my game. Thanks so much for the free content! – Ben

Anton Crouse says:

Thanks again Adam. Great help. I am a single figure handicap, and struggled with the swing. It is gone.

Antonio P Football Highlights says:

Great advice Adam, I never really heard the golf swing explained like that before.

Happy Together says:

Thank you for your videos.

Bob Stjern says:

Wow, what a drill at the end. Wild driving is easily my number one miss. I could see adding "tap tap" to my everyday driver swing. Thanks!

a2fitness says:

I wish I was nearby for a lesson you have a very good spirit that you give off. Calm and respectful. Thanks for the great tip!

Samuel Smargissi says:

Explained well with demonstration anyone can understand, and implement. Thank You.

Todd Goldsmith says:

Adam, another great video!!! Will this also apply to irons, hybrids, and fairway clubs??? I am so glad to have become a Lifetime Member as I find myself coming back weekly to review certain videos depending on what I am feeling just isn't right. A local Pro who's indoor facility I frequent has commented on the improvement in my grip and setup and asked who I have been working with!!! My 'pure' impact is still a work in progress…still seeking consistency. Thank you for all of your help. Best Regards.

Tommy Ho says:

Thanks Adam this video is great. I've recently changed my swing to remove my slight over the top and this drill feels the most natural. I'm hoping to see much better improvements at the range!

Golf Your Way System says:

Do you teach students to learn the true ball flight before you fix their slice?

John H. Seiler says:

Same idea with irons and woods too, Adam?

Steven Kerr says:

Enjoyed that like

John Pietrolaj says:

Excellent advice!

Erik Pels says:

Thanks Adam. These video's wil help me.

Edward Brown says:

Great drill..I will start using that one for sure

Patrick Brangan says:

Thanks Adam this will help and good drill too keep the awing plane where it needs to be??

Craig Hill says:

Thanks Adam. This is now my priority number one golf drill. Love it. Will provide feedback downstream. Cheers mate.

Sp!cyman says:

Thanks Adam. I had an 8-month nightmare last year from this and it caused shanks. It was only when someone filmed my swing that I realised what was going on by which time muscle memory had set in. Mine was caused by a horribly flat backswing which then forced me to throw the club out to enable a strike. It really helps when someone else is there!

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