Cyclists race in first dirt pump track – Red Bull Berm Burners

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On May 17, 2014 at Dominion Riverrock Festival in downtown Richmond, 30 professional cyclists from all disciplines raced against one another at the first-ever Red Bull Berm Burners. The compact dirt pump track, with two nearly vertical berms put riders' core skills and technical abilities to the test in a race to see who would be the course's first champion.

More on the event HERE:


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Heroic Nutter says:

im sorry title is missleading as fuck.. pumptracks have been build out of
dirt for years.. and there has been loads of races so why do they call it
“Cyclists race in first dirt pump track”?

TheConfusedKnight says:

Nice to see a coherent Red Bull competition recap video for once. Finding
out who won, for once, was a nice touch. 


‘mountain bike world champion’ wtf does that even mean?

Team Tomlinson-Moyles says:

whats the background music called from 1:40 mins in?

FR1LKO says:

Red Bull events are getting shittier every year, only stupid bmx and fixed
gear comps

Zelicanth says:

It’s nice to see everyone getting along 😀 oh and FIRST!

Gentoes Jenkins says:

Nice now he can buy more crack and shit, fucking scum Jersey fags

Sebastian Guanque says:

hello mama fifth to comment

nanayaw2000iob says:

$1,200 I thought the prize money would be more but I guess it’s a lot for
just riding in a circle but I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t do it for long,
so whatever 

CruzinKrispy says:

oh hell we need to build one right next to every bmx track in florida lets
get on it SSA or who ever runs the god damn races now ABA I guess. 

BakkeDesigns says:

the last shot of pure adrenalin in his facial expression is priceless.

szsTuning1 says:

song? 1:41 

sasquatch BMX says:

I’m going to enter if they have it next year! 

c.b says:

looks pretty fun & easily built

TheFlipman123 says:

Victor behm in on my race team yeah go chip n dale

Vadim Soin says:

1:50 – 2:58 music??? 

Thompson BMX says:

Pump races are always tons of fun.

parkourmastr10 says:

I was there! It was sweet love RVA

EDS4416 says:

Now that was stupid, firstly not one of the riders had any great skills i.e
bad gate start skills and just no idea on how to hold and create speed
!!!!!!!, how was this a world championship because i could name about 50
people that would be so much faster from both BMX and MTB, and yeah riders
have been using and competing on pump tracks for many years, i just think
the ball was dropped on this one !!?!!

Skyler Hunter says:

that was super dumb

Team Tomlinson-Moyles says:

whats the muscic???!!!!!!!

RVA_Zinno says:

had a good time

Oliver Raja-Brown says:




cosmo mcintosh says:


allen25page . says:

Yeah .. Virginia … Odd-lee enough I heard nothin about this

sheazo TK says:

3rd bro I am so cool

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