Cypress Lakes GC, Hunter Valley in Australia Part 3

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26 thoughts on “Cypress Lakes GC, Hunter Valley in Australia Part 3

  1. Nice course blog. The English & the Ozzies have the best good natured sport
    banter. And it can turn very serious when the stakes are high.
    Ricky what is your overall impression of golf in Oz so far ?

  2. Well done Joel what a great young player. You represent the game well.
    Rick you was rubbish. Lol just kidding.
    Lovely course. Thanks for the video. 

  3. What an awesome and fun match, coming down to the last put! Joel is a
    beast, and Rick really showed his best under pressure and with odds not
    quite in his favor. Also class act on both sides, v. refreshing to see on
    golf tube…

  4. Don’t feel bad Rick…that kid is a Beast!…great golfer and equally a
    great attitude…his parents should be proud…a pleasure to watch…i
    loved seeing Ricks reactions to Joel great shots

  5. What a very pleasant and amiable young man Joel is and his golf game is top
    notch as well. Good vids as per Rick enjoy the rest of your hols.

  6. Joel was a pleasure to watch. Interested in his ball position with the
    driver. Seemed a lot more central than the inside left heel that is
    preached these days.

  7. Yall played some awesome golf during this series. Joel has tons of
    potential. I just started daily vlogging and am gonna get out on the course
    soon in them so I’d love for yall to watch my videos and tell me what you
    think. Thank you so much!!

  8. Nature can be such a distraction… Thanks Rick (and special thanks to your
    wife) for bringing us along on the trip! Awesome courses so far. 

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