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Here you can watch (pretty much) my entire first golf lesson with Dan Whittaker.

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keyways1 says:

Lot of experts on here!!! ?? Don't lift yer head! ?

John Hue says:

Scratch Golf, I don't think the this backswing loading pattern suits you or is really necessary and will take a long time to implement and a very long time to make natural. You are naturally inclined to have a later wrist set and wider take away,your hands do move away and a little in front of you as a first move ,that can be fixed quickly and easily. Watch this video and you will get the idea


Dan Whittiaker is a good coach but does teach a method and this is his preferred backswing which many really good tour players do not conform to I just think you will be better served going with your natural inclinations of a wider backswing with later wrist set, Jack Nicklaus did it as did Tiger Woods and yesterday's winner Justin Thomas. My advice would be to work on tidying your backswing and not totally rebuilding it. I think you should also research Kelvin Miyahira as what he teaches that is going to be a much better fit for you more in alignment with what your natural inclinations are . I just don't see a straight jacket paint by numbers swing method really working for you and I don't think you have the time available to make it work, if you watch your own video you can see your body language and demeanour has come to the same conclusion. Go with your intuition. That is my advice.

K M says:

Do you know if Dan uses the Mac O'Grady MORAD system ? Looks pretty similar.

Sean Loughlin says:

i had a very similar lesson last night, working on takeaway. unbelieveable difference in the whole swing and the shot just by getting the takeaway better

Nicholas Wright says:

Isn't this the same lesson I gave you two months ago?

Leigh Cowie says:

Thanks for posting the video. You mention at the end no place to warm up before your lesson. If I am not mistaken isnt his studio on the same grounds as that state of the art american golf driving range (The AGA) with the pro-tracer tech etc. Couldnt that place just be used to hit some balls before hand? obviously you have to pay for it but still……

Dan Howe says:

Rob, randomish question. How tall are you? I'm pretty tall so I'm always looking for other tall golfers to learn from, especially if they're getting solid advice.

Hashan Punchihewa says:

Hi Rob,
thanks for posting your lesson, in the takeaway as you make the downward motion and keep the hands low, can you clarify which hand ur applying that pressure from ? ive struggled with the same flying right elbow in my swing !

Nihilyst says:

Has everyone ever said anything about your head position/upper back? It looks like you tuck your chin in a bit and your left shoulder runs into it causing your head to move a bit on your backswing. You seem pretty tall I guess that's why you have a somewhat rounded upper back just curious if anyone tried to work on that with you?

Pete Kenny says:

£70 a hour not too bad really.. how much is an epic driver ha ha ha ha spend it on lessons

Pete Kenny says:

rob thanks for vid very interesting hope it works for you … just one question.. with your old swing, did you not feel you could get any lower??? handicap…

golfboy1989 says:

I like Dan, he seems like a top bloke, but from what i've seen of him in online lessons and his own content he seems very much a 'pretty pictures' coach and does lots of backswing work. I'm not a fan of coaches who teach based on a single swing model and Dan clearly does this. I mean just look at his pupils – all have virtually identical swings. Dont get me wrong, they're great swings, but at the same time they look a little manufactured and technical – no personality. No doubt if you put the hours in and do what he says you'll eventually improve. But for me some of his concepts and beliefs which he preaches as facts are red herrings. Tour player swings prove this.

PLUTO 1512 says:

it really hard at 1st but getting better. keeping the hands low in the takeaway was really hard, still now. lots of mirror work . it will work, need to trust it.

PLUTO 1512 says:

thanks for posting your lesson, i had two lesson with Dan now, we work on the same problems. top coach. keep up the drills for the takeaway, it will fall into place. enjoy your
golf journey.. take care.

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