Dave Stockton: How To Sink Putts-Putting Tips-Golf Digest

Putting guru Dave Stockton reveals his secrets on the green.

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Dave Stockton: How To Sink Putts-Putting Tips-Golf Digest

Starring: Dave Stockton

18 thoughts on “Dave Stockton: How To Sink Putts-Putting Tips-Golf Digest

  1. Looks like the Sanctuary GC in the Castle Pines area… Could be wrong, but
    I think not. That is the Colorado Front Range in background… or something
    that looks just like it.

  2. It’s funny how he says “god forbid closed” (2:40) when the greatest putter
    of all-time Bobby Locke had a closed putting stance, lol. Btw, when he
    places his club ahead of the ball just before he putts is not a penalty.
    Nick Price did that for years and was never penalized. However, it is a
    penalty if you place your putter on the ground ALONG the putting line, but
    directly in front of the ball is ok.

  3. what happens if there is a spike mark right in front of your ball doing
    this pre shot routine during a tournament… I know its not illegal but if
    there happens to be a spike mark or a ball mark that isn’t fully
    repaired… couldn’t your playing partner call a penalty? I know must of us
    would see it and just not do the preshot routine because of it.. but just a

  4. Playing major pennants earlier in the year, and I watched my team mate lose
    the last hole because he placed his putter on his line like what this guy
    did lol

  5. He shouldn’t have lost the hole. Rule 16-1 The line of putt must not be
    touched except: (i) the player may remove loose impediments, provided he
    does not press anything down; (ii) the player may place the club in front
    of the ball when addressing it, provided he does not press anything down;

  6. I met Dave at The 2013 PGA Show at a seminar for the Proponent group. We
    talked about his methods and he makes you feel like you have known him
    forever. Dave is a class act and one of the all time best putter and
    putting instructors

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