Dave Stockton: How To Sink Putts-Putting Tips-Golf Digest

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Putting guru Dave Stockton reveals his secrets on the green.

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Dave Stockton: How To Sink Putts-Putting Tips-Golf Digest

Starring: Dave Stockton

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Robert Carter says:

Looks like the Sanctuary GC in the Castle Pines area… Could be wrong, but
I think not. That is the Colorado Front Range in background… or something
that looks just like it.

Jancen says:

I didn’t quite get why he placed his putter in front of the ball.

Golf's New Guru says:

Further confirmation by one of the great putters.

God of War says:

It’s funny how he says “god forbid closed” (2:40) when the greatest putter
of all-time Bobby Locke had a closed putting stance, lol. Btw, when he
places his club ahead of the ball just before he putts is not a penalty.
Nick Price did that for years and was never penalized. However, it is a
penalty if you place your putter on the ground ALONG the putting line, but
directly in front of the ball is ok.

dylan wyatt says:

Putting the putter infront of the ball is illegal and a official might say
your effecting the line of the putt

jenifer smith says:

Good for me…:)

jl300plus says:

what happens if there is a spike mark right in front of your ball doing
this pre shot routine during a tournament… I know its not illegal but if
there happens to be a spike mark or a ball mark that isn’t fully
repaired… couldn’t your playing partner call a penalty? I know must of us
would see it and just not do the preshot routine because of it.. but just a

Chuck Pulaski says:

not bad

Michael Zhang says:

Playing major pennants earlier in the year, and I watched my team mate lose
the last hole because he placed his putter on his line like what this guy
did lol

mavallarino says:

no – read rule 16-1

Andrew Bears says:

What golf course is that? It looks like something in the Black Hills. Or
maybe Colorado.

Edward Kennedy says:

Isn’t it against the rules to place your putter on your line like he has

froneputt says:

No – he did it on Tour for 30 years

mavallarino says:

unless he made an unnecessary ” press” I don’t think his actions merited a
penalty stroke (ref. 16-1).

jaeojadn adjangosendij says:

I used to be good at putting because all I used was feel but now I’m more
mechanical and suck at putting

MurtxD says:

He shouldn’t have lost the hole. Rule 16-1 The line of putt must not be
touched except: (i) the player may remove loose impediments, provided he
does not press anything down; (ii) the player may place the club in front
of the ball when addressing it, provided he does not press anything down;

Bernard Sheridan says:

I met Dave at The 2013 PGA Show at a seminar for the Proponent group. We
talked about his methods and he makes you feel like you have known him
forever. Dave is a class act and one of the all time best putter and
putting instructors

canefan17 says:

Shoulders will be slightly open, correct? That’s what feels natural for me.

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