David Leadbetter Unfiltered On Junior Golf

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David Emerick says:

Junior golf in the states is a mess. Private golf clubs, USGA, are the
cause of the downfall in the USA. 3 reasons golf is not growing is: 1 Cost
to Much this gives only the rich kids a chance to play and they are spoiled
and don’t really love to play but have to play. 2 Takes to long – it is a
all day affair. Where are the 9 hole courses and executive golf courses. 3
Courses are to difficult and no fun! More courses are closing than are
being built! I have the answer………………….

Deiya Pernas says:

I wish all U.S. courses were under Scandinavian rules

Sprawl001 says:

totally totally agree. He’s right, junior are the future of golf

Mark Nicholas says:

I agree I’m 16 and have been playing golf for 11 years and it is so much
easier to play golf in the UK and South America

Jamessr23 says:

Well said David… Kids have the disposable income to play golf..when the
economy is tight, adults stop playing. With the video game revolution, they
better get kids hooked now..or many courses will close down the road..

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