Denton Golf Club – Round Review PGA Event – Not a happy camper!

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Denton Golf Club – Round Review PGA Event – Not a happy camper!


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Justin Hand says:

What app is this that he tracks with

HOOA says:

Keep your head up brother! Aussie Taffia had some sage words for you. I was uploading daily a few months back and it wasn't allowing me to focus on my game. I only upload the highlights of my golf practice and tournament competition, now and it's allowed me to focus on competing. Do you edit your own videos? I've been a subber for a long time but this is the first time I've commented. You seem like a cool dude! I hope you bounce back.

N Greenuu upuuu says:

Pete! You and Rick both have the ability to do well in open qualifying. Good look to you both, and Carter. I think you all create greater interest in the amateur striving for success to the top level. You all are very brave and honest guys! Keep up the hard work and you never know on the day it may all come together ! Good look for open qualifying guys xxx Cheers Steve Green

Ross Tuddenham says:

Why would you experiment with a new ball or clubs in a competition round? You play enough golf to test these things out outside competitions.

Rickoh75 says:

Pete, to bad about the poor round, unlike you. As for sleep issue, I use and have been using a white noise / rain sound machine for a very long time, it works. Amazon sells one that is highly rated called electrofan, these devices unhook you from your busy thoughts, give it a look. As always, your normal good play will return.

Josh says:

It happens, Pete.
We all have days like that, where we are dissatisfied with our play relative to our goal in mind.
Just be strong enough to keep your head up when it feels like you shouldn't. You should try taking a couple days off and just rest. Sleep can help a lot of things.

Andy Bibby says:

May aswell save the open qualifying entrance fee, maybe give it to charity instead

Timothy Sloan says:

From Hawaii loving your VLOG. Truly enjoy your sense of humor and humility. Keep sharing your competition ideas. In my opinion, you can't have Carly on too much.

jw11000 says:

thanks for sharing your slice dilemma, made me and many others feel we are not alone.

Rolf-Bjarte Hagen says:

I struggle in tournament too… I was playing consistently + 9-10 five rounds in a row, then I shot +24 in tournament… Mental game is probably not so strong..

Lucas Mulvehill says:

sucks, take a vlog break, practice more

Chris I says:

I feel your pain Pete, crap drives put me off my game too, hard to score when so much is about recovery. You can get away with it for so long then the inevitable double or triple sneaks in and that's what you see in the end. Not sure if the wind ball errors were bad luck or bad choices, I favor low and short rather than fighting the wind with high ball flight but you're the pro, you can hit the shots, choose wisely. Hang in there, one bad comp round isn't a trend, finish the move and keep moving forward with the quest. Cheers!

Brett Cupps says:

Pete. You should always consider your primary goal to be making a living. We don't need a new video every day. What we need to see is your quality golf on display when you share it. The old saying we have at work is "Quality Not Quantity." Go out and play by yourself some without the cameras to refresh.

tonyreed11 says:

God your a cheerful chap,watch your video back and count the excuses.Positive person?

Calum H says:

where the greens better than st.George's hill?

Tony Westwell says:

Changing the clubs I can understand (bet they were shinier than your current ones ). The ball change not so much. Keep up the great work. Don't forget to relax though very important and try to enjoy it. I have similar issues mentally if I'm not playing well I tend not to enjoy it as much especially during the round. I am trying to improve that though.

Charles henry Smith says:

To be honest Pete I think you ball striking was much better with the psi tours!
Nonetheless hang in there

Brandon Allen says:

You've got this Pete. I just played a qualifier for my state am and hit my driver the worst I've hit it in a long long time. Head up!

Zinq Master says:

take some time off relax and get some sleep to give yourself the best chance in the coming weeks. also try and get another comp in to get your confidence back. All the best pete!!

Cm Kelly says:

Hang in there bro!

MD_18UndaPar Matty says:

The Carly Booth Effect ??? jk, the 100k effect ???

Jeff Shawver says:

Sorry to hear that you didn't have a stellar round Mr. Finch. I sincerely hope that your next comp will be better. Just concentrate and have fun bro. With "THAT SWING" of yours (Maybe the sweetest swing I have ever seen by the way) Smoother than Ernie's, prettier than Freddies and more graceful than Mr. Snead. You got it in you so just believe bro just believe!

Tim Gentry says:

Chin up, Pete. You've got the skills you need to meet your goals. Learn from this round and do better next time.

Aussie Taffia says:

Pete.. I have always found you a very open, thoughtful guy and id like to commend you on what you have done on Youtube and other social media, its really entertaining and insightful…. however you will never qualify for the open without it being your primary objective because nearly everyone else (other than Rick) will be thinking that way. You need to cut back to 1-2 videos a week and get into a boot camp type mentality or all will be lost.. I really hope you do qualify however in my opinion you won't with your current workload.. We will still be here to reconnect with after the qualifying is done..

mythbuster man says:

You seriously need get some proper rest. It's clearly evident how hectic your schedule has been of late. Loyal followers will not begrudge less content production if it givea you a chance to get some quality revitalising rest. Above all else you must look after your physical and psychological well being especially if you wish to play your best in competitions.

neil mulholland says:

Knock the coffee on the head.

Jake Petersen says:

what app do you use to track stats on the course? if you do use one

Howie Land says:

Pete, most of us face the same thing; doing a few things really well or a lot of things not as well. It's probably worth focusing on Open qualifying for the next few weeks and then you can re-visit your priorities. Stay positive!

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