Desert Greens Should Never Be This Pure | Adventures In Golf Season 6

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Welcome to Marfa, a remote, rugged and unexpectedly trendy Texas town with an artistic side. While Marfa has become famous for its high-end art exhibits, notably by the minimalist artist Donald Judd, there's also a 9-hole golf course with an interesting backstory.

Marfa Municipal has the distinction of being the highest golf course in Texas, but here's the kicker; this desert course is ran entirely by TWO guys – Ernest, who oversees the Marfa muni operation, and Mario, who maintains the land.

On this Adventures In Golf, presented by United Airlines, Erik Anders Lang meets the staff of two, as well as three Marfa municipal members to see what the course has meant to them.

Lastly, it wouldn't be a trip to Marfa without trying to get a glimpse of the famous Marfa Lights. Erik tries his luck but we can neither confirm nor deny what he saw.

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The Unfit Lesbian says:

Beautiful 🤩 🙏🏻

Jason Steidl says:

I love these episodes. Finding golf and community in the forgotten corners of the earth.

webbdelasteve says:

1:20 Tiger has aged a bit since the accident.

Antonio Palumbo says:

Italians do it better-Love the t-shirt 🙂

marchione.nicholas says:

Black Jacks Crossing in Lajitas TX, cool course in that area too. “In that area” isn’t around the bend in Texas terms haha

Will McDonough says:

Please and thank you.

So_Southern713 says:

Erik looked bored out his 🤯

bc.einstein says:


njbwong says:

Not sure if this has ever been said but EAL is the Anthony Bourdain of golf! Didn't think it was going to be good golf content…and it turned out to be Awesome all around content. Keep up the good work!

Martin Kiff says:

Ace cam is live and you keep putting the ball in the hole… Awesome job as usual

Matt Hiebert says:

This is hardly a “YouTube golf show” more like incredible filmmaker. Wonderful work Erik.

Blake Boring says:

I’m from the midland/Odessa area and can attest to how peaceful this area is. The people in west Texas genuinely care about their neighbors. It’s something you miss when you live somewhere else. This is one of my favorite videos you have made.

Andrew Heather says:

I like to do out door activities where I can drink.. girl after my own heart.. love it..

Jack Calderone says:

Erik, look into Dismal RIver in Nebraska. Amazing club, includes a Doke and Nickalus, trap course, and unique landscape.

Ryan Shaw says:

Erik, are you and Max brothers? Another great episode. Keep em coming!

Kirt Barker says:

Excellent production

orven D says:

Somebody explain to me the physics of 06:54

Bustaferrari says:

Doubleganger Erik

Tim Ruiz says:

Gotta check out Wild Wings Golf Club in Woodland, CA (Northern California), rated one of the best 9 holes in N California. Play it each weekend, love it. You play it twice, two flags on each green

Megaolhesto says:

Erik, your portraits of people and places are straight up amazing. I love how you make the characters that you meet, open up and show us their passion and lifework. I know it's not just you, but also the crew, you're just great. This episode made me wanna go see Marfa right away. Also how golf is so totally different to people. Thanks man!

albinobluesheep says:

John and Christian's reactions at the end was so incredibly wholesome.

Jeff Alldredge says:

Erik, the videos keep getting better and makes me want to move to a place like this when I retire. Keep up the great work!

mark c says:

In the field of golf YouTube videos there's nothing else that comes close to the artistic beauty Mr. Lang's videos

roryfirth76 says:

This is so so good Erik ❤️ More of this content please #randomgolclub

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