Desert Spring Golf Course Lesson Day 2 Part 2

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Desert Spring Golf Course Lesson Day 2 Part 2 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and James Wiltshire the Gorilla. Watch as Mark and James bash it out around Desert Springs golf club in Spain trying to par and birdie as many holes as possible. The boys are hitting par 4's, par 3's and par 5's with driers irons, wedges and putters. Playing golf lesson with Mark and James are fun to watch as well as instructional, play your best golf with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru.


Maxime Rougier says:

10:07 lol

Steve Hill says:

Testing this new Youtube comments section…

dathyr1 says:

Great videos of your competitive playing. I love the ribbing that goes on
which our group I play with does this all this time. I think Mark puts
added pressure on James when he first holes out his short putts.

Steve Field says:

keep tapping 6. Have fun 🙂

Frazer McVean says:


MrJIVERZ says:

More vids like this pls, good fun

jerryjerome1 says:

Looks like so much fun…makes me wanna play now

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

probably the best one yet

josh gowland says:

Love James “I’m just going to hit it really hard” hahaha

TheStyluz says:

Hearing you guys with your competitive nature really makes me wanna go out
with the buds tonight and play 18

Rob Lane says:

The cactus markers aren’t real – they’re made of clay and painted to look
like cactus. Very authentic though!

Catorce says:

That was one of the most entertaining ones, Mark! Great to see you two
laughing together, makes it so much more fun to watch 🙂 A bit of smack
talk here and there, love it! KUTGW

W. Jones says:

“You played that hole very nicely… Hu haha ha!” Love the course banter,

sparko2012 says:

For someone who claims they are a scratch golfer James putting is horrific

i Mc says:

Some people would give you that! ……………. Nice 5 mate. LOoooooooOL

Golfnovice24 says:

Who’s mike? You mean mark?

itubeutude says:

how long was the par 5?

Tony Reidsma says:

I’m hoping for a part 3!

bwotwbianlw says:

Does gorilla have standard lofts on all his club or does he have to
strengthen them?

Darren Cornwell says:

These vidios are top love the banter keep them coming big fan

Stefan Persson says:

smile 🙂

Mikester1974 says:

Loving the banter! You totally got in his head Mark

Jack Sell says:

Poor James – Sneaky Long strikes again

TheTraumaFactor says:


daveisdragon says:

Sit… siiiiit… SIT!!

9tube1 says:

Simply the best! You guys had so much fun. Laughed out loud at James
comment: “Sit!!!…..SIT!!!!!” Mark, you are a bit of a psychologist, in
addition to being such a highly skilled golfer and coach. Loved the banter.

Cole Tenwolde says:

Nothing makes my Friday like coming home from class and seeing a new course
vlog. Love these Mark…

Ed says:

Sweet length control on a that drive Mike!

ND Hickman says:

The distances that Gorilla James can hit his clubs never ceases to amaze me.

James Gooding says:

The gorilla hits it miles agreed, but why doesn’t he take a few yards off
to increase his accuracy?!surely he would score better that way

Peter D says:

Best one yet!

snakedoc514 says:

sneaky long all day james shoupd move up a club

Johan Melander says:

Aren’t you guys playing tournament, black, tee??

VlogifyTrey says:

I love when James has to carry something and says “I’m just gonna hit it
really hard.” That’s my theory as well haha

TikozoPvP says:

Amazing video! Keep it up 🙂

iiiAirsoft says:

Mark could you do a what’s in the bag video?

Trev D says:

9:43 oo aa-aa

rianco says:


Phill Rudd says:

If he didn’t talk the videos would be boring. It’s mark and co’s
personality that keep people coming back. People really need to get off the
“Stop talking over people” bandwagon. If you don’t like it….don’t watch

mynusss says:

That was fun to watch

Tony Tonkin says:

Just can’t get enough of you guys. Keep them coming.

Golf Freak 91 says:

Great video,I’m a huge fan but mark I found you a little annoying this video

brandon mcmanus says:

if i played with mark he would piss me off so bad lol

nesbitt17 says:


Farhaz Lalji says:

6 iron for 215 yards wow. gorilla is insane

Jootoole1 says:

This is your best to date. Brilliant! Poor old Gorilla. All that power, but
Mark is too crafty..

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