Desert Spring Golf Course Lesson Day 2

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Desert Spring Golf Course Lesson Day 2 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and James Wiltshire at the amazing Desert Springs golf club in Spain. Watch as Mark and Gorilla James hit drivers,irons tee shots as well as try to score with some short game on some of YouTubes best loved golf course Vlogs.

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Paul Scheuer says:

Easy 7-iron from 194. GTFOH

Mark Crossfield says:

Desert Springs Golf Club day 2 on the golf course wi5h Mark Crossfield
AskGolfGuru and 

TREXgameplay says:

Darren Cornwell can’t spell videos he spells it as vidios it videos

TREXgameplay says:

Does gorilla Evan use a driver in any of the vids

savagebruh says:

agreed, 20 min gives enough time for 2 beers

dannyfr22 says:

its a matter of buying your ping wedges at cost price

Simponio says:

who’s giving who the lesson mark?? 🙂

Digby Howis says:

Gorgeous 7i into the green by James.

Sgt Pepper says:

Punish me James, blimey I thought I was on the wrong site

Darren Cornwell says:

Brilliant vidios love waching them keep them coming

Jonsse says:

What is a few scratches to a chunk of iron? It’s not like it’s on the
impact surface. It’s more of a cosmetic thing. But you’re right, no point
hitting off stone like that, you might hurt yourself. That would be much

Jesper Nøhr says:

Por favor!

Philip Otter says:

Do you play the jpx 825 or the 825 pros?

9tube1 says:

Mark, instead of ripping up your wedge, couldn’t you have taken an
unplayable lie (plus one stroke) and dropped no closer to the hole? Love
these on-course vids.

James Brooks says:

Por favor

james smith says:

i was just wondering if his pants were tight enough lol

NovaScene says:

James connected with that 2 iron nicely. The second hole was so pure off
the tee.

Callum Brown says:

Living the dream.

dannyfr22 says:

maybe nick a friends club. i’m sure the gorilla had a spare wedge in his
bag. it’d be a 64 lob, but fuck it, still better than scratching yours 😉

sparko2012 says:

3:05 “oh its a bit long” what she said!

Tommy Solis says:

Why does James play his 2 iron in the back of his stance?

Bayar Nyam says:

Why Gorilla?

Brabre Borbisia says:

Gorilla’s on fire !!

MiniBlueDragon says:

… or finance. 😉

ukjunglist26 says:

@ Leftiniege blank, You CAN’T declare an unplayable lie in a water hazard.
You can if you’re in a bunker.

Brabre Borbisia says:

Gorilla’s on fire !!

Daniel Musgrave says:

first view!!

Robert Hooles says:

I’m with you on that rock shot, there’s no way I would hit my beautiful new
mizunos from that.

Candypants says:

Another great vid by the way. Keep em comin.

ukjunglist26 says:

@ 9tube1, he’s in a lateral water hazard, so the unplayable lie rule
doesn’t apply in this situation.

mattfoster88 says:

wish I could hit my 7 like that.

zdenekdvc says:

Mark shoes?

Philip Nye says:

Oooh map range

Mahavishnu80 says:

Cantona Collar ftw

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