Desert Springs 14 Handicap Golf Course Lesson Part 2

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Desert Springs 14 Handicap Golf Course Lesson Part 2 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru and Gorilla James James Wiltshire. This is the second part of the on course golf lesson with Mim a 14 handicap women golfer from the UK. Watch as you learn from the two professionals and the way they try to score and make pars and birdies. Played around the amazing Desert Springs golf club in Spain this is a great way to learn from on golf course lesson with professionals.



Brian D says:

Correct the grip and the plane and lag issues will take care of themselves.
Get the grip more into the fingers, right hand on top (See Hogan’s Five
Lessons) and your wrists will hinge properly. Good for you, Mim, and
thanks to Mark and GJ for being such great and humble mentors!

bart sebas says:

How can she be a handicap 14….

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Wonderful comment about stringing shots together for lower scores (and

mark stanford says:

shake shake shake that arse girl

MissyLaMotte says:

Loved watching these. Definitely would like to see more higher handicap
golfers and especially more women in these videos.
Mim, I think you did a fantastic job focusing on the game and not get
distracted by those two crazy weird guys ;)

scoober1989 says:

She has the Charles Barkley syndrome. Practice swings look good and actual
swing is flinchy

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Some cracking legs there, hers aren’t bad either 

Tom1Stein says:

Watch and learn from a video with bad sound quality and very litte
explanation. NO!

john groves says:

gorrila just needs 4 clubs in bag

Golf Buddy says:

Where’d you guys meet mum ???

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

More videos with 14 Handicap? Not just Rory…

Gino L says:

The instructional part and discussion with Mum is great. I’d rather see her
playing than GJ with him telling me he hits his putter 50 Nikon yards.

archmichael04 says:

And u call ursleves pros? Mark and James u guys r full of shit. Suck each
other’s dick

walter a heller says:


Rob W says:

dont help her read the break geeez

Dr Strangelove says:

GJ often comes up short with his irons. I think he feels he has to play up
to the “7 iron 200 yards” image when he should really drop the ego and play
the right club

ojhda says:

At 8:34 you can really feel Mark looking at her legs, I think you can even
see the camera go down for a second. Understandable 

Ferdinando Monitto says:

@Nick Hough he didn’t improve the lie, if you move a loose impediment near
the ball you don’t change the lie

Richard Drew says:

Question. Is that a Bombtech Grenade Driver that gentleman was swinging? If
so, how does it feel?

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