Swing Patterns and Swing Techniques! – Do you really know the golf swing and are you working on the correct things? – PGA Instructor Craig Hanson shares with you a incredible video about Swing Styles and Swing Patterns!- Sit back and enjoy you are about to see some things you have never seen before!

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12 thoughts on “Different Body Types! – DIFFERENT GOLF SWINGS! – NEVER SEEN!

  1. Thank you Craig, loved the video. I love the statement you've stated a few times in your videos that the swing is a continuous motion,love that statement, the whole Swing Matters! one fluid motion ,keeping that thought when I'm practicing and playing so important!! Thanks again loving these videos!!

  2. I've always had a good latteral shift and other teachers keep trying to get me to turn instead of my shift. I have a stomach to swing around so that part of your video was eye opening. It's much harder for me to draw the ball, now I understand why that might be.

  3. This is dead on. I've learned this from experimentation. People should try this, to get what Craig is talking about. Grip the club extremely strong, while keeping a bowed left wrist(DJ). Now, try to hit a cut. You'll find out real fast how much side bend, and rotation that it takes to keep the club face from rolling over. DJ's flexibility is astounding! I know I can't play this way… But, it's fun to try it for the "feels" that you experience.

  4. That extreme side bend is actually the toughest on the left lower and left mid back (for righties). It’s experiencing full torque and full stretch and can really create imbalances in the spine. Lead hip flexor, abductor muscles, and hip joint are also experiencing a lot of force at full stretch from that impact and post impact head over the ball position. It’s no wonder DJ takes a lot of time off in the off season, his body needs it.

  5. Lets go back to 2004 when johnny miller comment/slur on an australian golfer craig parry now seem so unfair, at that time miller is 6 foot plus built like a stick and parry is five foot nothing but six foot wide. It is pretty hard to have left side bend when your body is in the way

  6. Great job Craig! Such an underappreciated concept. I'd be interested in guys from the past/present you've seen who have very wide shoulders and are thick and athletic through the chest area but not endomorphic. I'd imagine it really changes the dynamics. Maybe a young Nicklaus or a later Faldo/Norman. I wonder if this is why Rory has struggled a bit like you showed in a previous video?

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