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Chris Binnie says:

Greta video series Rick, Good to be honest and admit your mistakes, that help us amateurs more. Be interested to know whether you felt you may have dwelt on the mistakes too much and not put them out of your mind before playing the next most important shot? That may have been for the review more than your actual mindset, but standing over your par putt I felt you were still partly thinking of the slight green slope misread of the previous shot?

rhoads160 says:

Love the series

Greg Herman says:

Rick, I’m forever grateful for your guidance through the videos. You help so many of us. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to excellence

Luke Wanless says:

Love the course management series bud… would love more..

peter saxby says:

Loved it, rick, it is nice to see a PGA professional has a bad day as much as the rest of us, but thats golf for you

fragrancebeast says:

These are great videos on course management. It is a shame that there is not too much info and videos about course management and strategy which it is so important.
Keep up the good job and thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice with us.

BeachBow says:

Hind sight is always 20-20. LOL

Austin Solak says:

Where is it?

Randall Mahony says:

Rick I've seen so many of your videos but I don't remember if you showed how to change ball flight .

Randall Mahony says:

Really enjoyed this video learned a lot!

Andrew Libby says:

geez anyone else remember hearing 181 hards? mandela effect…….

David Bivens says:

Do more of these. 4 of my favorite videos you've done.

Chris Hlasnick says:

please keep doing these

Andy Stevens says:

Great videos. Keep doing them!

Jacob Sever says:

I play a fade on my mid irons – driver, so for me, I would have aimed straight into the bunker on the left, and let my fade (okay okay…slice) bring it back to the center-right of the green. If I would have started the ball in the center of the green, that water would definitely come into play.

inathaniel11 says:

One of the most interesting things you said was don't aim outside the hole on short putts. Gonna keep that in mind

Chris A says:

Hi Rick! Could you make a video of your favourite driving irons? or would it be the same thing as simply your favourite irons.

Conor Dunn says:

Great video! Love the course management series. Would love to see a full 9 or 18 holes based on it, with the focus on once-a-week amateurs trying to limit doubles and triples through conservative/sensible play! All the best.

Philip Smith says:

Great videos Rick – more of these please !

Benjamin Arnold says:

Hi Rick, what would be your advice for myself in wanting to get a lower handicap but only getting to play once or maybe twice a week due to revision for my mocks? Thanks a lot.

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

Great video.

Jammer53 says:

Always great info!

Steven Moss says:

This is where I really need to improve ! I don't pay enough attention to each shot don't think about the wind or miss and end up short side or in trouble. I need to concentrate more and chat less on the golf course lol

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