Disc Golf Backhand Tutorial

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This tutorial was produced by the AceRunners.com team and discusses how to throw the basic backhand throw. The video includes some very cool slow-motion capture as well as some nice background music. Be sure to check out http://www.acerunners.com -launching later this year.


Caulfield Holden says:

great video except for the 70 sex music. cheers for disc golf

zumayaboy1 says:

All of my drives always seem to be going very high and getting caught in
the wind and losing a lot of distance, any tips on how to keep my throws
consistently lower?

acerunners says:

Thank you – site is coming very, very soon now. Get excited.

erokstonechuk says:

@t3hsniper Yeah, I have a two finger grip on my backhand, but make sure
it’s nice and tight on the throw. Thats where the snap n spin come from
that gives you the D. I guess this was a year ago, so you’ve probably got
some decent hukking down by now. Huk on brother..

PRSouthern says:

@t3hsniper That’s what she said.

acerunners says:

Don’t worry – it’s in the queue. We’ll have one eventually. Thanks for the

Burn2Down2 says:

Nice vid whe have a disc golf park in Finland pargas if u wana se a vid of
it try searsh “Finland disc golf” nice vid again i faved it

Dave Crandell says:

Great vid for basic form. Love the background music!

12guitdown says:

This video is like the Marriott where “Expert Village” is the roach motel.

acerunners says:

Hey there. Our tutorials are meant to be suggestive since with Disc Golf
there are a lot of options at your disposal. Stick with what’s comfortable
for you and if you don’t feel like your game is improving then maybe try a
tight grip with the backhand. Either way, we hope you keep enjoying the
sport and thanks for checking out our video.

wedobelive says:

i gotta say you have show me how to really improve my game! PLEASE MAKE A

biderman16 says:

please nobody actually do this tecnique. keep the disk level at all times.
have both hand on the disk like your holding a wii remote and num chuck
straight. when the disk gets parallel with your waist take your left hand
off (if your a righty) and put all your power in your left hand when you
let go

mrladiesman99 says:

I like to give my discs a nice waxing with my nutsack

Grant Roberts says:

very nice background music. what is it?

dick man says:

Niin hyvรครค englantia

MooTaters says:

I hate hearing different things…I’ve heard hold it tight and i’ve heard
hold it lose but have a grip where you can wiggle it around with that
hand’s arm moving around but it wont fall out. I’m going to stick with the
second thing I said because I hear it’s supposed to rip out of your hand
not let go of it.

Michael Causey says:

I sure do appreciate y’all reminding an “old man” some of the basics of
this game. As a player since the inception of the sport (1982) & a flinger
of frisbees since the 60’s, it was quite refreshing & informative. BTW, my
PDGA number is 3447 & although my age has gone UP while my strength has
gone DOWN, I will NEVER grow tired of playing Disc Golf ! Keep up the good
work ! DISC GOLF RULES !!!

kattklick says:

Awesome video, but whats the name of the song ๐Ÿ™‚

MooTaters says:

@erokstonechuk I wish they had them up this year over at the park that our
course is in. So when waiting for people to show up or after a round I
could just practice drives a bit.

MooTaters says:

I hope it didn’t sound too much like i was putting your videos down, they
are informative and great videos. And it’s all about finding out which way
of throwing you like and possibly modifying something to make it your own.

hiei734 says:

@zumayaboy1 release the disk flat at chest height

MooTaters says:

@erokstonechuk Yeah, decent distance, but what I think I really need to
figure out is accuracy. I’d be happy with the distance I have now if I were
more accurate with the majority of my throws. I guess that all comes with
time though.

erokstonechuk says:

@t3hsniper Soccer fields, goal post to goal post. Return to the course,
you’ll find your throw will have improved. ๐Ÿ™‚

MooTaters says:

True…I guess everyone has their own grip. Even my friend(has played for 7
years) never uses a “power grip” but keeps his index finger on the rim of
the disc. But one thing to make sure you don’t do is “grip lock” which i
think gripping tightly could cause.

cpsubrian says:

Good video, good audio, clearly spoken, good text overlays, good pace ..
what more could a beginner learning some good technique ask for ๐Ÿ™‚

Lontokka says:

Really cool music! Combined with the slow-motion and I get the feeling of a
70’s cop show. ๐Ÿ™‚

hiei734 says:

where you get the 80s porn music at i love it lol

kattklick says:

nice video, but whats the name of the funk song, its really awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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