Disc Golf: How I got started playing Disc Golf, viewer request vid Disc Golf Nerd

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This video is by viewer request to make a video about how I got started in Disc golf and how I accumulated so much plastic.



Disc Golf Nerd says:

Thanks very much for the support. Cheers

Jacob Haas says:

New question: why does it hurt my thumb when I throw a thumber?

Disc Golf Nerd says:

Not really sure what to tell you on that one sorry. Maybe your thumb just
doesn’t like the torque? Pretty much never throw thumbers myself. I rarely
go overhand and when i do its usually a tomahawk.

Disc Golf Nerd says:

Nice, glad to help. Thanks for watching and supporting the channel. Cheers

HeavenlySnipez says:

Thanks for the website! I’m gonna try that out 😀

MrGamesandSports says:

could you make a video showing us all of the grips you use for your
different shots?

Disc Golf Nerd says:


Disc Golf Nerd says:

I actually already have a video on grips on my channel. Just go to my
channel page and search grip, or search my channel name and grips in google

Jacob Haas says:

Thanks! :). I just picked up a GT Banger in 178 for windy puts. And a soft
magnet in152 for little longer puts. Your videos are so helpful

Disc Golf Nerd says:

You are very welcome, maybe we can make a trade some time. Thanks for

joey novack says:

what year did you start playing golf

Disc Golf Nerd says:

thanks for watching

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