Disc Golf Pro Tour: The Waco Charity Open – Round Three

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Jorey McComas says:

Another great video. Jeremy and Nate, thanks for taking time to act as commentators for the tourneys. It gives us the professional player understanding of the course, the players, and the choices they are making.

Jake Songer says:

Pros should view a bank of fans like they would view a row of bushes. There is a chance you might make it through, but why would you risk it. There is this strange sentiment going around which places blame on the crowd. If the player thinks the fans are crowding his line, he simply asks them to move. If the player throws off his line and hits a startled fan, blame the pro not the spectator.

Dalton Petty says:

Sorry but James Conrad had the best round at the Beast

Eddie Nylund says:

hokum for president!!!

Jonjey Comms says:

That shot was for sure going to skip off the road and come back in.

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