Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Making Long Putts

Four disc golf pros demonstrate four different and effective techniques for hitting 100 foot putts.

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31 thoughts on “Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Making Long Putts

  1. This video is awesome, though just a question or two: Don’t you have to be
    touching the ground when you release the throw? Or are they releasing
    before the jump? Also, doesn’t jumping run the risk of having a falling
    putt if you jump forward? That being said, very cool techniques!

  2. I would like to have seen more throws and putts so you can see the entire
    flight path of the discs. Mostly from Mark Ellis. But otherwise, a good
    video. And I’m starting to like the Rattler!

  3. That’s funny… For my approaches, I imagine there’s an important message
    on the bottom of my frisbee (which varies on a shot to shot basis) and I
    need to get it to the receiver (also varies) to save the world or country
    or whatever.

  4. Hello Guys, this Video helped me, to improve my putts. Thank you. In my
    Videoanswer you can see one of my putts. Sincerley McKessy Discgolf-Club
    Kellenhusen Germany

  5. fantastic video. I’m a new player, i’ve only been out twice. but i’ve been
    hitting the field across from my office every day, and watching your videos

  6. Another good tip for putting is not to use different types of putters. Just
    find one that suits you and stick with it. I’ve been using Discraft APX
    Swirls for about 3 years and haven’t changed. I make 20-25 footers pretty

  7. My accuracy sucks bad throwing straight at the basket. I throw my putts
    with a huge hyzer so it comes in from the air above and down at almost a 45
    degree angle. This way if I miss the disc is planted right near the basket.
    The downside is they bounce off the top a lot too lol.

  8. This is the first video i’ve seen where someone putts perpendicular to the
    basket. I’ve been doing it since i started and have never seen anyone else
    do it that way. Putting perpendicular really gives you more power and less
    body movement than the jump putt and overall less chance for error. The
    only trick is just getting the muscle memory down.

  9. Very nice video on putting longer putts, Not sure who decided this was a
    100′ footer,,,, its more like 50′, maybe 60′ at the very most. 100 foot
    jump putts are pretty are lot harder to make

  10. I had a really hard time putting. My putting range was probably 10′; 15 on
    a good day. A week ago, before I watched this video, I started adding a
    slight anhyzer like Ron Russell (the last guy in the white shirt) I was
    almost instantly able to throw 30′ and hit metal and chains up 50′. I think
    my longest successful putt with the anhyzer was around 70′. My stance is
    completely different than his but it is the same throw. If you are having
    problems I would suggest you give it a try. I putt an MRV.

  11. sorry Rene but that is legal. They are outside the 10 meters and aslong the
    disc is out of their hands before their foot hits the ground,it is a legal

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