Distance Drives Part 1 – an instructional disc golf video

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rodney coffey says:

Can this be subtitled? 

Justin Berry says:

Ice cream hurricane? 

ffjaronhalt5 says:

the very start of this video makes me want ice cream

TheOchocinco55 says:

Ice cream Truck in the background?!?!

Keith may says:

Hurricane in the background?!?!

Plaztik Explosives says:

Finally someone said something that clicked! I like how he said that the
full extension of the arm forces the shoulders and then the hips back. I
can’t wait to apply this on the field!

jake1260 says:

I thought that was another video or add in the background of my mac…

Superfizzo says:

is that a gay redneck in the background at 2:15?

Avery Jenkins says:

David Greenwell is the Man!!!

Nick Baxter says:

Hey me and my buddies play and are from Louisville. Are there any leagues
around here? Or a way to find other groups who play?

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