Distance Drives Part 1 – an instructional disc golf video

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Are you a disc golfer looking to add more distance to your drive? Then these two videos are for you! Jeremy Watts and world champion Dave Greenwell give away all the secrets in this instructional video about increasing your distance off the tee.

This video was taken at a Louisville Disc Golf Club clinic at our championship course at Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville, KY.

A 2010 Louisville Disc Golf Production


rodney coffey says:

Can this be subtitled? 

Justin Berry says:

Ice cream hurricane? 

ffjaronhalt5 says:

the very start of this video makes me want ice cream

TheOchocinco55 says:

Ice cream Truck in the background?!?!

Keith may says:

Hurricane in the background?!?!

Plaztik Explosives says:

Finally someone said something that clicked! I like how he said that the
full extension of the arm forces the shoulders and then the hips back. I
can’t wait to apply this on the field!

jake1260 says:

I thought that was another video or add in the background of my mac…

Superfizzo says:

is that a gay redneck in the background at 2:15?

Avery Jenkins says:

David Greenwell is the Man!!!

Nick Baxter says:

Hey me and my buddies play and are from Louisville. Are there any leagues
around here? Or a way to find other groups who play?

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