DO GOLF SHAFTS MATTER?! My Driver Test Results

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In this video we will look at if shafts make a difference with changes to weight and stiffness. Thank you to Gleneagles or allowing me to use their awesome facilities when filming these videos.

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David Fawkes says:

Not peak height or launch shown during the test bit, which is a shame. Launch shown at the end, but peak height not shown? Which shaft was the purple one in the flight profile?

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

Personally think you should play as softer shaft as you can get away with, the ego makes people go the other way. I’m always fitted into X stiff but always go stiff, even spent last two years playing reg in my irons.

Steven Sandy says:

As you always say! Get fitted for your clubs?

John Doe says:

What I got from this video is pretty much what Mark Crossfield concluded. And that is that the golfers feel and their conception of what should happen is the one of the biggest overriding factors to what kind of ball flight and numbers you are seeing. It would be interesting to see the results if this was more of a blind test where you didn't know what you were swinging. Also, your delivery numbers (angle of attack, swing speed, etc) were not really talked about enough to be harping on spin rate so much as you did. And strike was never even a consideration which is gigantic in overall spin and ball flight. So, in my view, this was about as unscientific as it gets and was what it was. A "feel" based test on how much of a factor the golfer is and what they bring to the table and in comparison to how little shaft technology is offering.

Ricardo Rose says:

Your links have the drivers out of stock .. please let me know when it's back in stock .

Raymond Poublon says:

Great video. Shafts do matter …personally hated the feeling of the tensei…I had higher clubspeed and ballspeed with the kurakage but in dispersion the smoke performed better. So went for the smoke. Would have liked to see the dispersion of your shaft test because that is were it matters for me…you can hit long shots but when they are in the “bush bush” I rather be a bit shorter but on the fairway….but maybe all your shots were fairway with tight dispersion ?????️

J2 Martnz says:

That driver sounds AMAZING

EZA AZE says:

a little off topic, I have always wondered if a 60 or 60ish gram shaft fits me best…

my swing speed is around 100-105, and I got fitted with hzrdus yellow in 63g I think with M4 head. got amazing numbers on the day… brought driver home and tried out week after and all went haywire….

watch this, made me clicked "pay" on Ebay for a tensei blue 55 to try out… just for curiosity sake.

John Ledley says:

Great video Pete, really enjoyed it and can relate to it as I have had similar experiences

henra sung says:

Hi Pete.

Awesome video as always. Mind if i ask?

I just got 1 question about shaft weight. For asian short guy weight only 124 lbs. Choosing shaft 50g flex R too heavy? Some1 said i should go for shaft below 50g cause

Joseph Flaherty says:

Well, you gotta have them. So yes, they do matter.

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