Do Golf Swing Aids Even Work?

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Do any golf swing training aids work? I will show you if these can fix a swing flaw or will just thinking about what to do work?

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Richard Jackson says:

I do exactly the same thing, my coach says to practice pausing at the top for 5 balls then hit 1 normal ball every time i practice.

Chuck Parkinson says:

Would love to see a “Lag Shot “ video. Thanks!

Knight Family says:

I know this is an old video…but it seems the only thing you need consistently is something to show you what you are doing wrong (video analysis software) and your mind

WalkWithMeTravel says:

All these aids, why not just swing the club freely because that is what you're gonna swing anyways. People forget what the swing feels like when they step up to the plate unless you swing everyday or consistently.

RJ says:

Use your Live View and draw the line you want at the top of the swing and slow motion mirror it. I had the same issue and it worked for me, swing thought keep the club head behind your rump or touch the wall behind you with you club head.

justin Burnett says:

To fix your problem…..put a tee in the bottom of your club grip…in the lil hole….when you bring the club down make shure the tee goes across your ball as you swing…

Michael A. Vienne says:

I bet I have more golf aids than you. Let's count and whoever loses pays foe the lesson. That's fair you can use me as your guinea pig

Gary Greenslade says:

Put a hair Combe into your glove to stop your wrist folding

blyth63 says:

for the Plane Mate to work, you need to go through all the protocols with the green bands. The red band is for strength and advanced training

Tom Finn says:

I think Martin Chuck would say you need to use the Plane Mate a lot more than 1 or 2 swings to have it fix your problem(s).

George Mohr says:

Wondering why you didn't include Lag Shot or GForce … ?

Da PeNciL ShiNoBi says:

Maybe bow the wrist ?

Da PeNciL ShiNoBi says:

LoL what is that?!

BaltimoreJak says:

I’m started playing three years ago, and according to Garmin, I’ve gone from a 36 to a 17 handicap in that time. I think these gadget are great, if they fix the particular problem (or problems) you have. The fact is most high handicapper don’t know there issues . Due to this, they cling to every new gadget / video that claim to fix the result you see without addressing the underlining causes. To really improve (in my humble opinion) you need to get off YouTube, get infront of a pro who can diagnose your real actual issues, and give advise on how to fix the specific issues.
But that’s just my opinion

dcfd132 says:

My swing is very similar to yours. I like to start with my upper body and of course that causes a little out to in and steep. A training aid called the Inside Approach is the best I have found for me. It changes your swing instantly. I think it would help most golfers. By the way love the channel thanks for making time to try to help people out.

Ethan Haas says:

I read the golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) soon after I received it and the following day I was at the golf field trying out the driving methods for longer range. I was instantly taking correct divots with my irons, properly after strong impact. I reached ten to fifteen yards more range than the usual distance I have with my irons. Get yours today!

Mark walters says:

How about the G box and Golf Shirt simultaneously? I’d like to see that just for a laugh

Frank Canzanella says:

Your turning the screw maybe should be a slow action. So that the completion of the backswing is when the screw is fully turned and set.

Frank Canzanella says:

When I was watching the Masters I took note of the second place winner Sangeau Im . He would stop at the top of his backswing. I plan to practice a very slow backswing. What’s slow to me may not be very slow. Since timing is everything maybe fractions of a second can make all the difference. Maybe by applying more thought to the top of the backswing will help you stabilize that point in the swing.

James Mckenzie says:

I've been using David Leadbetter a swing long before he even invented the a swing. Even though it feels like I'm casting the club it works very well was wondering what your thoughts were?

Scott Dale says:

I was thinking about trying total golf trainer. now that I saw you use it and liked it I may try it. Skilz makes a glove for the wrist movement have you tried that?

David Dulen says:

Matt. You owe me a dry cleaning bill. I spit my coffee everywhere during the "G-Box" attempt.
Great reviews of the products. I have many of these aids as well.

blackjackcz says:

Wrist is slightly cupped at the top. I battle the same thing.

Mick Ritchie says:

Put a comb into the back of your glove. Keeps the wrist flat and costs 50 cents. Boom

MR Common sense says:

Went out and played last week. Never tried the ball drill for chipping. But I envisioned it. U could tell the ball came off club more crisply. Actually chipped a 20 footer for birdie on a long par five.

Nothree Putts says:

Three swings…….okay! Let’s see if it worked. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Cody Busenius says:

It seems at the top your trail elbow become disconnected from your "triangle". That is why the ball kept you best in line, keeping your elbows together.

Jonathan Wilder says:

Have you looked at the “Swing Jacket”? I’m considering it because I have your same issue. I’d love to see you review it first though.

D Lud Hobbies says:

"I hit that so bad, lets see if the swing is good." – The problem with golf is this is backwards.

Russell Keeble says:

Hey Matt, that air shot was brilliant 🤣🤣 , channel’s great keep up the good work 👍🏻

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