Do The New TaylorMade Burner Irons Live Up To Their Hype?

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chestateegold says:

5 years later…. still loving the heck out of my burners

Ryan Gault says:

Thanks for the reply. I finally decided I’m going to go with the Burner
irons. I have an appt at the Taylor Made Performance Lab next month. I
can’t wait.

Ben Blackshaw says:

yeah i guess, but my point was that high handicappers would find it

brendan Ladd says:

what did he do to deserve that you ignorant faggot, he does know a decent
amount about clubs and i guarantee you don’t know shit compared to him

twitching00 says:


75golffever says:

I thought these clubs were solid, but not in my top two. He compares these
to Callaway, but Callaway makes the worst clubs in the business. I tested
all these clubs in this class. Mizuno is the way to go imo. I also think
the Titleist A 1,2’s are far superior to Taylor’s comparable clubs.
Basically from my personal standpoint I think Mizuno and Titleist are the
best. I wouldn’t piss on a Callaway if it was on fire.

gbvoul says:

They gave you a free set, so you switched

beerzie08 says:

No duh the 4 iron goes ten yards farther. The burner 4 iron is longer not
to mention 2 degrees less than the steelheads

David Schultz says:

Funny thing about “hitting the irons longer”… When they make the shafts
longer and strengthen the lofts like they do and just stamp a 7 on what is
really a 6 for other companies, it makes it HARDER to hit. Less loft =
increased sidespin = increased chance for misses. You’ve still got to make
a nice inside pass and hit the center of the face. Good marketing though,
the increased distance thing.

John Di Domenico says:

This was great, really informative and enjoyable to watch. Keep them coming!

EVH4President09 says:

how would you even compare callaway steelheads to taylormade burners

Jamie McWilliams says:

I play the Taylor Made irons about half the time. The shaft is slightly
stiffer than my Callaway irons, so under pressure my timing is slightly
different. Next month when I return to Florida and have full range access I
plan on making the switch full time, to gain the distance benefits.

gbvoul says:

Higher trajectory = more wind interference

andrianc3g says:

I still love my X-14s and have no real reason to change. They are an
excellent standard in quality irons, and are extremely forgiving. However,
I love my Burner TP and Rescue too. Play with what works.

Wally Ray says:

Excellent review. Thank you…. On a side note, anyone who leaves a
negative review of this video has mental problems.

jennyaston1 says:

Interesting information.

nikond90prophoto says:

but if you were a low handicapper and hit the SS 89% of the time then you
would get used to it wouldn’t you?

Jamie McWilliams says:

I have just posted a review of the Burner 2 irons, and that should answer
your questions about them. Jamie

kidwithbrownhair says:

its true i went from hitting a 4 iron 200 yards to about 210 and a 7 iron
from 160 to 170-175.

Jamie McWilliams says:

I have hit both the Diable driver and Razr X irons at the PGA Demo day and
Golfest in Tampa. The equipment is excellent. I have a Razr 2 hybrid in my
bag at this time. If you hit the sweet spot of any brand name equipment,
you will have great results. What I love about the Burner 2 irons is the
soft feel and added distance with the irons because of the technology…I’m
gettin’ older and a little long in the tooth! Make sure to take a look at
the Burner 2 review. Jamie

michiganfan725 says:

you did a great job of listing both pros and cons. this is a very unbiased

bullpuckee says:

which kind of balls did you use when using the irons? did the balls make a
difference on top of the clubs?

John Hunter says:

Love my burners I’m driving 250 vs my old pings that were only going about
180 big difference

Jamie McWilliams says:

Make sure to see the Burner 2 Iron review on how TM Golf has improved the
product. Jamie

speedmagnet24 says:

says the man that knows taylor made is watching lol nice video.. I thought
they were for better shots on off center hits ? the 15 yard sweet spot
scares me

snillsieguy33 says:

the lofts are stronger, but these irons are great

Allen Connor says:

Great review! I’m 18 and just got fitted for these Taylormade Burner irons.
I tested the 8 and 6 irons my swing with the 8 iron was 88 mph and went 163

Ben Blackshaw says:

The ball flying 15 yards further for a sweet spot hit is not good… image
you’re 100 from the pin and water over the back, you hit the sweet spot and
you’re going for a swim. Well, i guess it’s only a bad thing if you are a
high handicapper that only hits the SS a few times every round.

HLGBeachedWhales says:

I want to make love with these clubs

BuccaneersTalib says:

@Yamaha519VX says the guy watching a golf video……

snillsieguy33 says:

@fade7foul yeah the lofts are stronger but the burner irons are incredibley
easy to hit with still some workability….if you needa work tthe ball that
much you shouldnt give a SHlT about this video. the marketing is tricky but
still excellent clubs

Alps P says:

Yamaha yur mamma

EVH4President09 says:

um i didn’t even know that they made diablo irons but the callaway x-22’s
are really good i would say they might even be a little better than the
burners as for the ft they have a bigger price tag thats it so if ur a
callaway guy i would go with the x-22

X2Parker2X says:

i want these now

Tony Egan says:

Their more workable. I play forged cavity back titleist 695’s much better
then my old deep cavity offset nike sumo irons.

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