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We all have rounds where we feel like we are rushed and take a few holes to get warmed up. In this golf lesson Matt Fryer Golf takes you through a 3 stage golf warm up routine that will help you get you playing your best golf from the first hole.

If you look at players like Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and even go back to Gary Player and other great golfers, they all had a warm up routine, some longer some shorter, but all followed a very similar process to the one in this video. If you can create your own routine, you to will stand a better chance of being ready for the task ahead.

Try the points in this golf lesson, the next time you go to play golf and you will feel ready when you walk on to the first tee.

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Hi I’m Matt Fryer, welcome to my channel MattFryerGolf. This YouTube channel is to help you play better golf and love the game even more!

I specialise in golf lessons, golf club news and other entertaining golf content.

I you want to play better golf I cover all topics in my golf lessons such as, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons consistently , master your shortgame and hole more putts.
I will also help you lower your score by giving you plans and tips on managing your game out on the golf course, with course vlogs and golf course scenarios, so you know exactly what to do you find yourself in a tricky situation.

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On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content from golfing trips I go on, showcasing some of the best golf courses and resorts in the world and giving you advice on where to visit and which golf courses to play.

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Enjoy your golf!!

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Keegan says:

I usually play well for the first 3 or 4 holes, and I don't usually warm up, and then loss it in the middle few holes.

Calle Sandlund says:

Thanks for the instruction! 😊
In an upcoming video could you please share some tips on bunker play when it's wet and the sand is like concrete 😉
I'm trying to hit them very thin since the club just bounces on the hard sand. But maybe there is a better way?
All the best 😊

Christine Goulden says:

I start off with a 7 iron half shot, then to a 9 and then to a pitching wedge, Matt. My Fairway Wood, Driver and Hybrid are always last.

Joe Troupe says:

Smart use of the driving range. I will remember it.

fredatemypie says:

Used to follow all three, but now only this young man. More likable, more relatable fella.

Marshal Kass says:

I really like this routine as opposed to Rick’s warm up routine. Like your word choices and the head game that you are promoting.

William Kraus says:

Love these little tips. Warming up is always important. Thanks, Matt.

Robert Eller says:

I do a progression from my lob up to my driver. Not much, just a couple balls each. Worst is overworking the driver. Maybe 2 just to feel it and go. Too uch almost certainly means you will peak early and start missing. Around here, most courses dont have any kind of practice area. Never seen it before. I have to drive to the range where I teasch and warm up. Then, 15 miles to the course.

Michael LePatourel says:

Great vid….are you and Rick twins? Is Pete or Andy going to be releasing their pre round routine too…..
Keep up the great work Matt!!!

Jerry Neff says:

Matt and Rick warm up examples. Thanks Matt

steven cowan says:

Man I wish I had time to warm up, but i am out the car 2 or 3 practice swings and usually hook my first drive . Ahhh 👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Axel Bahr says:

Similar content to Rick‘s video 🤔 – coincidence?

kher33 says:

Wow you and Rick must be on the same psychic wavelength!
Great video 🙂

Steve Cox says:

Did I already watch this?? 🤔🤣🤣


Matt, Matt, we tee off 7.58 tomorrow morning, still half asleep , one swing maybe two bang, finish coffee about second tee, that's how we start our round!

Chris Nilsson says:

Great tips top session 👌 👍

Matthew Farley says:

Is it National warm up day or something. Rick shiels did a warm up video too

Drew says:

Do you and Rick plan your content and release dates together? Is this on purpose to give multiple points of view or just coincidence? I know you, Rick, and Pete are really close and all three have similar content around the same timeline so I was just curious. Regardless, keep it coming! I've learned more about golf from you three than anybody else so thank you.

Justin Lemon says:

Bang on. Another great video Matt.

Tim Chamberlain says:

When I finish my normal warm up routine and still have a few balls left, I work on 60-90 yard pitch shots with the balls that are left to try to get my "feel" for that length that day in tune.

Terry Holloway says:

Never do this don’t have the time or energy if I did all this be there all day thanks though

Robert Hull says:

My brother and buddies never want to warm up before our rounds. Drives me nuts. I'm the type that isn't loose until hole 11 or 12. I don't like taking slow, tight swings on the front 9.

Mark K says:

Warm up on the range…hitting a nice high draw with the driver…YAY!!! Step on the first tee and block the tee shot dead right…out of bounds.

Tequila Mockingbird says:

Does Mizuno make underwear? 🤔

Justin Hinte says:

Do you a Rick shiels bounce ideas off eachother for videos because this is not nearly the first time you guys have run identical video themes around the same time.

David Townsend says:

My problem is here in Arizona we start early because of the heat and dont have allot of time to warm up before the tee time. I try to make as many practice swings as i can to warm up before we start. I try to swing extra easy first couple holes to keep the ball in the fairway. 🤣

Callum A Rarity says:

Same as Rick shiels vlog on the same day 🤷‍♂️😩

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