Do This In The Gym To Hit Longer | Golf Fitness & Speed Training | Martin Borgmeier

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제주도 says:

Where I can buy a face plates?

Mike H. says:

I have topped out at 162 ball speed so far. I'm interested in the idea of overcoming a collision. Does the speedball have a uniflex shaft? Will it damage my driver if I hit Headcovers with it? Thanks for your content.

Battle Ship says:

Excellent work! I love watching your swing! I have been training for about 3 months now and average full swing club speed is up from 101-106 got to get that to the tour average of 115 is the goal. Do you have any videos of mobility training?

DaddyDunc2 says:

Can anyone tell me what that “towel” thing was that he was using to simulate impact? I couldn’t tell what he called it or find it in Google.

Ned Germany says:

Please Marty. Can you do a video explaining how to rotate left foot wide open coming into impart. You do this even on your half swings. I wear Athalonz but my left foot will not rotate. Gets stuck in ground.

Kevin Blenkhorn says:

Love your vids brother…have a young kid getting into LD and I told him to watch all your vids!

Damian Plante says:

have no idea what my ball speed was but carried 420 on the fly wit no wind help 45 inch driver

Thomas paysinger says:

i tried a pull up I STRUGGLE TO DO ONE LMAO now i see why i can only hit the ball 300 yards but no bone in my back paralized waist down i still think over 300 yards is good

Thomas paysinger says:

We know Half swing if very fast look at Ralm he kills the ball..Tiger said to play the game use a feel of 34 swing

Thomas paysinger says:

White Boy cant jump HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you make more money playing basketball ahahahahahahaha

It's Atekiar says:

is that k box the active, lite, or pro?

Nathan Goode says:

This is similar to something I read german javelin throwers do. Apparently they do weight training in throwing sessions to prime muscles they want to get better at utilizing in the throwing motion

Trevor Javin says:

Who makes the magnetic contact training aid?

J Moll says:

Why do these videos keep popping up. Ugh. Not kyle

Brad Thornborough-Barlow says:

Such a good video! Banged out a lowly 180mph in my usual range session today – feels a long way behind 230!

jsh_golf says:

Martin! This is great stuff! Every tip you put out is like a tiny gold nugget that I need to collect! By the way, my fastest ball speed is 165 this year! I’m hoping to get it faster.

Monty Murph says:

Took up golf again after 20 years in April last year . Got up to 159 then hurt my neck 2 month ago not been able to swing a club since.

Craig Miskin says:

Ball speed record of 168. Aiming to get to 180 🤞🏻

Cody Owens says:

I havnt tried to prep but I will next time before my speed session

JB Golf says:

Very informative. Dope!

Jordan Adams says:

has he addressed the black eye? New here

Bryce Erickson says:

Would you rather prime the day before or the day of a speed session?

brent colbert says:

love the half shot speed drill…will take that to the range in NZ

BlackKnight TommyRizz says:

Will definitely try this before next speed session. Ball Speed PR currently 176, chasing 185 this year

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