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Do we need another Titleist iron T100s review. Titleist have lots of iron sets on the market and the T100s is yet another golf iron for you to test and maybe buy. Why do the T100 and now the newer T100s irons need to be there and have you waisted your money buying your T100 irons? Titleist golf have been making great irons for years and Titleist irons have been popular on the PGA and European tours for many years. Can they bring the Titleist magic to this T100s which is basically a stronger lofted Titleist golf club with the same looks as the T100 irons. Have you ever played Titleist irons and would you consider testing the newer T100s irons? let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the new TSi driver reviews coming soon with real golfer numbers to show you just how good this new driver from Titleist golf really is.

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Mark Crossfield says:

What’s the last Titleist iron you played? Hit the thumbs up button if you liked the video y’all. It really helps.

Wayne C says:

2* difference…not 3*. Not a full club. Ball flight is the same, if not higher on the "S"

Stuart Mackenzie says:

Just bought a set of t100s after over 20 years using Cobra Oversize I bought second had in the 1990s. I hope I can hit these or it will be back to the Cobras.

Nathan Riggle says:

I tried the T100’s. I thought they felt like how they sound on your video- clicky. Have you tried the 620’s mark? I think my 620’s feel more like a buttery soft Mizuno iron

Nathan Riggle says:

Cause it’s corona season and they’re bored and have nothing better to do other than bring out more models in the same year! Lol

Neil Skull says:

I recently got the T100s only as the T100 i wanted was out of stock, however i added a 48 degree gap which is great fit between my Vokey 52, 56, and 60. Love the irons very consistent and with the stiff 6.0 shaft i have much more control than my Callaway apex pro with regular shaft.

Jon Parr says:

All this ‘strong’ loft of clubs for me is pure vanity. On both the side of the player and the fitter. I have recently moved to Ping 410, each numbered club is ‘one’ more than my previous Yonex set from years ago. And yes they go further but all that’s happened is I’ve added another wedge below ‘P’ before 54 and 58 as the gapping has moved. But knowing distance per club is still what matter not which number goes how far.

Mark Kavanagh says:

Not sure it's just distance. I would say it has something to do with cost too. I got fit last year, intention was to buy T100. However, titleist charged extra for the shaft and grip I was fit into bringing total cost to $2100. Mizuno gave the shaft/grip for free bringing the total to $1400 with the off the rack sets similar in price.

Michael Barnes says:

I own these not because I care about hitting a 7 iron further, but because they gap perfectly behind my hybrid without having to be bent. Added a 48 degree Vokey at the bottom end and the setup is working really well for me.

Quent MAURICE says:

Both very very ugly which is unlike Titleist

J Richard says:

How would you gap the wedge set for t100s? the PW is 44 and GW 48. I don't use the stock PW and GW and I use a 46 50 54 58 SM8 set up. I was thinking 45 50 55 60 or do you have other suggestions? thank you!

Dan Klasen says:

Compare the T200 lofts to the T100 lofts. They are a club difference. I have T200s and wanted to blend my bag with T100 7-PW but I could only do that if I carried two 7 irons. I personally didn't want to fumble around through my bag every round making sure I'm grabbing the right 7 iron.

Richard Davis says:

You may be right that the ‘future’ is being fitted for individual clubs to blend them into a properly gapped set but everyday golfers are a very long way from that and I can’t see it ever happening. I have almost always only been offered a 7 iron to test and that’s not exactly being fitted.

MyS3 VegasYellow says:

i think you are 100% right. i just went to test new clubs . Been thinking about doing it all summer. The fitter gave me a 6 iron in 5 different brands. He never said anything about the loft # each had and the reason the TM was 12 yards longer for me.. I knew it from watching your vids over the years. He didn't seem to think that was important info to give me . I disagreed and did buy from him..

Richard Todd says:

The problem now is the number on the bottom ? Like you said the new 7 looks like 6 because it is simple when you look at the loft

Matthew Croad says:

Great video Mark. Not sure i am sold on the new irons, If i am honest i feel that two 7 irons going different distances is maybe going down the one length route. If we had fitters who were interested in doing fittings for individual clubs throughout the entire bag maybe i could appreciate the idea more after experiencing the fitting process. Until this idea becomes the norm then i think it will be just be a dream for most of us to have a completely custom fitted bag.Nice groupage by the way .

Joshua Horvat says:

A common request for iron sets is to make them 2 degree strong, but as you explained it changes a lot about the club and it may no longer be ideal. I feel like producing this club is them just taking the most popular iron of this run and cranking it down ahead of time with making the appropriate adjustments. Its answering to market trends for the player who always says… "hey can you crank these down for me" and then goes out and plays a messed up club. In a way they are protecting the name by producing what the customer wants but more appropriately.

Keith Atack says:

Couldn’t you just reshaft a set of the original club ?

Jay Byrne says:

I think more fitting options isn't why they've brought this out, while I agree, more options the better. For me, Titleist have fell behind a bit with their previous business model of release every two years, so now they're bringing additional products out on the odd years to their main launch. Like TS2 and 3, then out comes the TS1 and 4. It makes business sense to release new products to catch people looking to change.

Caolan McLaughlin says:

Ping also do this but with less marketing. Power Spec and Retro Spec. Good idea for fitting in my opinion.

Barry smith says:

Good grouping , another great insight ?

Vivo V9black says:

Because mizuno mmc is stronger

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