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If you are a golfer that is serious about the game, you should consider getting a set of custom fit golf clubs. Many years ago, custom fitting was not an option, because companies made standard clubs that were meant to work for every golfer out there. Today, most companies offer custom club fitting. This year, I joined the Cleveland / Srixon Advisory Staff and also am a Certified Club Fitting Professional. I have my own golf club shop called Grexa Golf and you may also visit me at Grexa Golf.

I recently received my new 2013 Cleveland fitting cart. It has a rolling display that comes with a lie board, lie tape, face tape, 6 iron Cleveland heads, wedges and golf shafts that will fit to every option of club. This type of fitting cart allows the PGA Professional to fit a golfer into a golf club that will allow them the best ball flight and provide them with the utmost consistency in ball striking. Please keep in mind that getting properly fit is important, but it's also important to find a PGA Teaching Professional that will keep your swing finely tuned.

My goal is to be certain that all my students have golf clubs that fit them well enough to perform a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Cleveland Golf has done a great job of creating equipment that is suitable for new golfers or the better players. You may check out the Cleveland Golf website to see their club head options and learn more about the products they offer. Now that I have a fully functional fitting cart, I'll be able to fit my student and then place an order at the time of the fitting. This way, I can provide my students the best possible service and get their new clubs to them on a timely manner.

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I've also recently purchased a flight simulator from Ernest Sports called the ES12. This flight simulator will also allow us to choose the correct golf shaft for your swing speed and preferred ball flight trajectory. Please consult your PGA Professional for prices once you've committed to getting custom fit. Also, keep in mind that you can see the Cleveland Custom wedge fitting online at: My Custom Wedge

For more information about getting custom fit in the Raleigh / Durham area, please contact me at and provide me information concerning your game and current golf club status.


Cameron Meek says:

i love this wedge the clevland 588 wedge but i was wondering how come you
did not project x shaft´╗┐

James Ariel Bucu says:

Golf is not a selfish sport it’s a team sport. It’s been a long long time
since i’ve watched golf on t.v. There’s the Ryder Cup. and much much more.
. .´╗┐

David O'Sullivan says:

Hi, Im looking for any info possible, i currently have Reg Flex in my
Cleveland CG Gold irons, my swing speed is in between 95-103, i think this
puts me in the extra stiff range, im 24 and play sports so fit
enough/strong. I was offered Dynamic X100 or KBS shafts, both steel. Any
info be great, Cheers

Grexa Golf says:

Hello David – Thanks for watching the videos on my youtube channel. If you
swinging at 95-105, it would be safe to say you’d fit into a (S) stiff
shaft. Be careful with putting in the X100. Do some more research and watch
the shaft companies. Look at Cleveland’s website to help you as well.
Thanks again.

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