Do You Swing The Club Head or The Handle? Or Neither?

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In this video you will learn what you are actually swinging during your golf swing. Is it the handle, the club head or something else? You might be surprised to learn the answer. Also, be sure to check out the links below to find out how you can get yourself The Pro Swing Trainer.

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Mike Rodrick says:

I heard of this a few days ago & tried it at the range & what a difference it makes. You're controlling what's in your hands rather than trying to control something 45 inches away with speed. Obviously, 90% of recreational golfers, including myself, don't have the proper sequence with the body. Swinging the handle, once you get used to the sensation, is a game changer.

Peter Yan says:

You are the modern day Eddie "Swing the Handle" Merrins.

Nomad7 says:

My father-in-law just gifted me a pro. I've been golfing for just over a year now. I'm really excited to give the pro a go. BTW, I hit my second birdie on that hole just a couple of weeks ago. I've been aiming to make it out to that course weekly. ⛳️ ??‍♂️

Mark Matthews says:

Dan, I've been watching your videos for a week or so now. Fascinating. Only one way to really put your theory to the test- I ordered a pro today. Looking forward to doing some serious training with it. This is the year I get to a single digit handicap- and I am taking the steps to DO IT!

Thomas Fraser says:

Your videos and product fits perfectly with my new downswing analogy of pushing the kid on his swing.

As you just showed in this video as the hands path goes so goes the head of your club lagging behind

So ask your students to imagine their golf club is like a kid sitting on a swing.

The grip end represents the kids and the head of the club represents the swing.

So as they stay within their golf posture until the end of their swing, have them not even thinking about what various parts of there body are doing at all. All you want them to do is pull the kid ( grip) back with their hands for the backswing and then on their downswing push and keep pushing the kid all the way to the end of their forward swing.

With the rotation move of their body as their hands are continually pushing the kid on his swing ( club head) will lag behind go down leveling to the ground and then up again to the full completion of their pushing the kid on his swing.

When pushing the kid on the swing both their wrists must be unlocked and passive throughout the process.

As far as the ball go it just gets in the way of pushing the kid on the swing.

Hope you try this analogy on your students and let me know what you think. It’s my new analogy of the golf swing that I will keep the rest of my life. It is my personal take on Ed Merrins “ Swing thé Handle” Cheers

Fred Mcmichael says:

Dan. You teach the soft grip method and other instructors I've heard say the biggest mistake amateurs make is not gripping the club tight enough. What are your thoughts?

Thomas Fraser says:

Actually not a bad product as it teaches us to: Swing the handle back and forth as oppose to turning our hands or manipulating our wrist in any way. The mass weight of our hands and the mass weight leading closer to the end of the shaft including the head, actually opposes one another as we swing the handle.

Another words grip the handle and whip the club head back even more at the beginning of the downswing. The whipping motion at the top of our downswings is a signal to our body to rotate and is the actual impetus of the start of our downswing. As we maintain our golf posture swinging the handle; the momentum of the club head brings us up by wrapping our right arm around our self. As John Daly should have said: Grip it and Whip it! Cheers

Mimi Orbe says:

Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Yanaylee Yanrooklyn Magic (just google it)? It is a good exclusive guide for unlocking an effective golf swing technique without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got astronomical success with it.

ironstick725 says:

Hi Dan, where I can get this training aid?

Gilles Morbidelli says:

Why do you bend the left elbow at the end of the backswing with the pro and not with a real shift?? It’s a huge different move to feel the center of the mass

swardmusic says:

Hi dan. Interested in trying the pro!
What force direction are we looking to feel in our hands when using it? Is it purely a pull away from our centre? When i swing a club im currently trying to feel pressure in my hands going the other direction of the club. Like feeling the weight of club behind my hands. Maybe incorrect? Maybe why i need the Pro!

Slide Technologies says:

Looks like the same concept as the orange whip

donald lyle says:

Does that apply to the backswing as well ?

Bernard Hope says:

Finally @4:21

Dog lover JB says:

great video…my instructor has me swing my "uppers arms" on the foreward swing with no hand action and it has the same effect. He's a big believer in swinging, not hitting.

Bjarni Einarsson says:

Dan Martin.. how long do you hit let's say Driver with this "floating" swing?

Larry A says:

Sorry, I don’t get it. Exactly what flaw is he fixing? Almost as confusing as Elkington’s “Dirt” series.

Guitar Laird says:

The club has a bend and a head, not just straight at ball. Orange whip did nothing for me. this is same.

Hung Phan says:

Pros they bend the shaft at the beginning of the downswing. Look at Tiger shaft.

TheNYgolfer says:

Nice video. Very informative. I have never heard anyone talk about the center of mass being up by the grip because of the mass of both hands on the club. Now that I heard you say it , it is so obvious to me. Thanks.

jaxortjackie05 says:

So the center of mass is a point on the shaft below the grip and your wrists moving together?

Alex KALAF Jr. says:

Arms swing the hands. So much of instruction's mantra is swing the clubhead. Club should feel light not heavy if swung correctly. Like the thoughts. Can the action of the right hand taught by Mikes Austin & Dunaway be employed to work with your swing philosophy & the Pro I wonder??

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