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SHOULD YOU UPGRADE YOUR DRIVER!? MID HANDICAP TITLEIST TS2 vs TSi2! 2020 has seen the release of numerous new drivers, including the Ping G425, Titleist TSi2, Taylormade Sim and many more. But what is the best driver of 2020? The longest driver of 2020? The best mid handicap driver of 2020? Is it worth upgrading your driver for 2021? In this video mid handicap golfer mark tests the Titleist TSi2 vs Titleist TS2 from last year… let’s do it… and let’s do it now!

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Look Kool says:

Spoiler Alert: Mark swings a bit faster with the TSi2, then manages to hook a 254 yard drive 33 yards left of the target to boost his 230 yard average…the outlier is kept to make it look like the better club is the new one.

I bet if Mark was fitted and hit the most forgiving driver model of each brand they would all be within 5-7 yards. No offence to Mark, but he is never going to find huge gains on any club.

StormsGolfNY says:

Wouldn't he gain 15 or more yards just by adjusting the loft for him? He's launching 16 plus degrees with 3800 to 4000 plus RPM, insane for a driver!

Kevin Wood says:

Buy the older one and save money so you can afford another club. I love golf equipment but it has gotten ridiculously expensive

DreadPirateRoberts says:

If mark dropped 1000rpm he’d be hitting like 3 clubs less into the greens

Edward Kedge says:

Swing is looking lovely & smooth Mark. Remember that for the next month!

Jamie Preacher says:

Think he needs to work on his driver swing and delivery. He was striping his 4 iron 200 yards yet the driver is about 220 yards.

Bamboo Shoot says:

Drivers are so flipping expensive now. $600 USD for the new Titleist? But… be fair….if you get fitted you can play it for 5+ years.

Alex Etches - GolfBox TV says:


Bruce Hubbell says:

Love when you bring mid & high handicap players in to test clubs. There swing speeds and not fast and they do not have a perfect swings. This tells more about a club than pro swings with 120+ swing speeds and are able to adjust there swing to work with any club making any club look like the greatest club on the market when it really isn't good for the average golfer. 2 thumbs up!

Charles Thronesbery says:

Does anyone else ever notice Marks late heel lift? Balls halfway there and heel comes up but in practice swing it comes up when it should. So begs the question do you really need to kid your back heel or has he formed his fallow through to not lifting his heel and only does it in practice because “your supposed to”? ?

Douglas Reid says:

It doesn't matter you'll edit the video to suit anyway

Brian Ellis says:

What is Marks game driver? It would be interesting to see him hit his standard game diver in tests like these to quantify how he is swinging on the day. Also gives a base line for spin and dispersion.

Adrian Scott says:

I get bored with this type of thing. I’d rather see a mid handicapper comparing the top 4/5 brands to see if there is a definite difference

Paul McGuire says:

Spot on James used to have the Cobra m speed offset driver years ago and was very loud used to get wound up a lot by my golf buddies lol

suzie correia says:

Always a productive video per usual. Being said, Mark could benefit more from some lessons than purchasing a new driver. It's pretty obvious from this golf pro that Mark hangs back on his back side, w/little to no back knee flex and a very flat rear foot. He never fully transfers his weight to his front side during his swing transition, as evident from his flat front foot and lack of hip movement to his front side. Almost as if he's swinging flat footed. Don't know if Mark has some physical limitations in his lower body, but he is only using his upper body to generate any power. He seems to have the potential to generate even more power w/some instruction. Assuming James is a PGA Pro, he should be able to help Mark correct those issues. The benefit would far exceed any new driver & subsequent fitting. Correct the swing before you get fitted for a new driver.

Neil Taylor says:

I gained 15 yards on adverage swapping from TS2 to TSi2 …..

Kevo Channer says:

Why not try the TSI3 as well as it may feel even better.

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