Don't Rock Your Shoulders in Putting? Simple Lesson to Hole More Putts

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Don't Rock Your Shoulders in Putting? Simple Lesson to Hole More Putts. Rocking your shoulders for putting stroke is bad? So, let's learn golf putting stroke drills at

The other simple golf here we're just giving you a very quick tip I am with my friend Andy Gorman cutting him short game extraordinaire one of the top coaches in the UK.

In this video, Andy Gorman teaches you that the typical golf instruction to rock your shoulders is only going to cause you to miss lots of putts. But there is a simple way to hole more putts.

Here at teaching you to make the most of your practice at home with a mirror to improve your putting stroke with a short game expert coach, Andy Gorman and the art of simple golf founder, Alex Fortey. PGA coach in the UK and the art of simple golf contributor.

You may just be very surprised at how well you do and how many putts you hole. Enjoy this golf tip and enjoy our website and many resources we have to improve every area of your golf game.

We're always getting many questions how to improve golf putting stroke. This is another golf tips from the art of simple golf. This golf putting tips help you to improve your putting stroke and your short golf game.

A good putting stroke based on a single rhythm and rocking your shoulders is not a natural or bio-mechanical move

In this video, Andy Gorman discusses the fundamentals of putting stroke. Watch and learn the best golf putting technique. Even you improve your golf by yourself using a mirror and find out the fault of your putting drills.

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Perusing Person says:

Please redo the video and use a remote microphone. Its very difficult to hear you and understand what you are saying.

Blaine Harris says:

I am pretty sure that this guy was introduced as one of the top authorities on putting in the UK and the world. So how is there 7 thumbs down. Maybe you 7 should open your ears and maybe learn something and lower your handicap. Thanks for exactly the information I was looking for. For free. Who is e james? are you a top putting authority in the world????

Jardine Sydney says:

If you keep sternum rotating,will putter head move in an arc.S/J.ex/pat.

e james says:

if you are a straight back putter then you need to have your eye directly over the ball and rock your shoulder blades and ,generally, use a face balanced mallet putter.Center shafted.
If you are an open-close putter then you need to have your eyes just inside the line and rotate your chest, and use a toe hang putter.

The PNW Rider says:

I am in my 60s and still putt the way I was shown years ago. It’s the wrist cock method used by so many in the past. I do well with it too looking at my stats. Not for everyone of course but that’s a beauty of golf. There are many ways to swing, play a course or putt.

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