Downswing Tips for More Pars

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Lauran Canatella says:

I have a good golf game but struggle with power/distance, your videos seem to give me a new perspective, thank you, keep em coming.

Jim Amato says:

Terrific Video. Instruction is excellent. Slo mo repeat is valuable. A Lefty!!! Great. And Nick, my middle name is Nicholas.
Keep going with your good presentations. From this video and recent videos with the squat, holding back my left side and keeping aware of my hands position is a skill I need to develop more.
Will be the range tomorrow AM to work with these movements. Thank you. more Nick!!!

david marilley says:

Check out "gravity swing videos" if you are intrigued.

jill barnes says:

Thank you for this excellent & very helpful video. I'm really focusing on this weight transfer as I won't improve and will injure my right shoulder by forcing with just arms & torso.

GolfGym says:

Christina, Great Video. It could not be any clearer. Interesting to see it from a Lefty as well. Keep them coming!

drmwm1 says:

Amazing timing (pun intended) as I was contemplating this issue this morning. Thanks for your clear, right-on-point videos.

Ken Grieve says:

…i find I focus more with just one instructor, sorry Nick, oh and those are the sweetest golf pants I've seen, want to pick some up for my daughters. Where did you get them please and thankyou?

billrok says:

I love his swing. More with him please.

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