Dr. Kwon's Golf Swing Biomechanics Analysis

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Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon explains his golf swing analysis to Ilhee Lee. They then work on improvements to the swing motion skills.

Dr. Kwon is a Professor of Kinesiology & Director of the Biomechanics & Motor Behavior Laboratory at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas.

Ilhee Lee is a South Korean professional golfer. As an amateur, Lee won the 2004 Asia-Pacific Junior Championship. She turned professional in June 2006. Ilhee Lee won the 2013 Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic. She has retired for the LPGA tour and is teaching in Southern Califronia.

The video was shot in January 2022. The set was improvised with little preparation planning. We did the best we could with what was in hand to create this demonstration of Dr. Kwon's swing analysis and reprogramming process.


Kevin Leong says:

I'd love to see Dr. Kwon analyze Sungjae Im's swing haha

Xavier Perez says:

Such an interesting video. Awesome for us golf geeks.

Seeing Beyond says:

Too much information this lady will never clear her mind for her subconscious to kick in to do what is natural…

R says:

Wowww.. Can the motion be applied to iron swing , hybrid & also short game (pitching,chipping)

Digiphex Electronics says:

I really like the completeness of this video comparatively. I also really like the slow-mo footage on the screen. It all helps to see what is going on here. Thanks.

Bob Stephen says:

Like the attention to the dynamical exercises rather than any positional stuff. Also fascinating to see the progression in the video. Bought a rope a few days ago and will be using it to help eradicate bad habits. Thanks Dr K.

Golf Education Encounters - Golfee - GEE says:

Dr Kwon – I do rope swing drill 200 to 300 times a day in sets of 20 or 30 at a time – keeps me in good shape and I'm 61 – seems effortless actually now. She's doing like 4 or 5 and giving up. Don't think she grasps the power of the rope. Fixes your swing plane, swing path, teaches how to have a mature stay at top, how to feel the ground, how to fix your timing issues, endurance, footwork, how to get your trail arm out in front of your swing, how to have active back swing, how to extend your shoulder/torso turn at top and I guess even how to recenter at top at least it seems to help me in this area too. I go by rope swing man now:) BTW great for itchy back.

Golf Education Encounters - Golfee - GEE says:

Do you advise doing the recentering/with back to target, at top of backswing when doing the rope drill?

Michael Soltys says:

Outstanding lesson! Great teacher Dr. Keon.

Da Vet says:

it would be so interesting to have a session like this with dr kwon. i like how there is a grasp of very complicated biomechanical things going on and being recorded and analysed to begin with, but ultimately, he applies some basic thoughts and feels to establish a rhythm and motion that can become intuitive, and thereby correcting the cause of many swing problems. And so, although there's a certain amount of effort and concentration required to break the habitual swing pattern, the cure is actually something quite simple and doesn't ultimately give the pupil lots of complex swing thoughts / positions / feels to be thinking of while out trying to swing the club.

Don Schmidt says:

As a rough guess I would imagine Dr. Kwon has an IQ between about 180 and 200! A brilliant man who understands the precise workings of the human body. More importantly, how to make a student perform with maximum efficiency in the easiest way possible. I understand he works with a number of KLPGA and LPGA players. Anyone who follows golf knows the Korean players have the finest swing mechanics of any players in the world. To find an equal to their swing quality one would have to go back to the 1960s and the fabulous Mickey Wright. Wright and Annika Sorenstam are the only players I can think of with swings on the level of the Korean women now. Is it any wonder? If a player with talent and drive receives this level of instruction they become almost unstoppable. His teaching is motion rather than position based. By using step drills he increases the body's natural tendency to move with maximum flow. Repeat this often enough and the brain and body synchronize as one. I would love to book about 100 lessons with this golf wizard. Pure simplistic genius.

bkirkwd52 says:

Think of how a frisbee is thrown if trying to throw as far as possible.

TJ says:

Dr. Kwon when you talk about unloading in the down swing are you referring to squatting? How much should you squat and should you also squat a little in the back swing? Thanks

SVU says:

How is he measuring the forces applied by the feet?

ML LM says:

πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ if possible I would press the like button a 100 times.. thanks for this brilliant video πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€©

Silver Fox says:

Great video. I would really like to see the graph of a professional golfer as they are swinging and compare that to an amateur swing

Robert Lozano says:

Dr Kwon,
At what point should the wrist uncocking start from top during downswing?
Excellent video as always.

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