Drills for Building the Perfect Backswing

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Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA, discuss drills to help you build a proper weight shift, smooth takeaway, and backswing for your longest drives ever.

I’ve put together a complete program to teach you the Mike Austin Golf Swing, increase your clubhead speed, and hit it solid and pure.. Check it out here:


John Jaconsky says:

Hi Steve Great to see Mike"s Instruction still being taught.
Question, On the backswing , does the right leg maintain some flex, or is it completely locked
Thanks JJ

Christian Schilt says:

Your instruction and explanation are out of this world. Why the PGA doesen’t make this standadard teaching is strange at best!

Donal Mooney says:

No way I will let Jerry babysit for me lol

jch3200 says:

This was one of the best explanations I have heard. More of this will be very useful. Thanks

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