Drills to Shallow the Shaft

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Shallowing the shaft in the downswing is not imperative but it will make things easier for any golfer heading into impact. These are my four favorite drills to help you gain a better sense for what is required to shallow the shaft in transition.
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Klistern2 says:

This shallowing thing is just the buzz for teachers at the moment.

Ron Cooney says:

Good tips from top teacher.

Dreama40 says:

People your focusing to much on what to do with the arms etc to shallow the swing out, the truth is if u initiate your downswing with your lower half correctly the club/arms etc will NATURALLY shallow out as a by product of a good lower body leg action, you should never try and swing from the top down, ALWAYS begin your downswing withe lower half and your club will shallow naturally. Dont believe me, watch he pros do it!

Perusing Person says:

I wish I could but I'm 5'8" and 300 lbs.

amfohr says:

I feel the inside of my right upper arm more pointing to the target line towards the top of backswing, that is feel,, could that be correct?

nerd 999 says:

always love to watch your videos.awsome. really like your shallow downswing concept with your B. hogan drill. thanks andrew.

Daniel Eason says:

With the external shoulder rotation I struggle. I can hold the position in my sleep but when I turn it's hard. is this a case of slow ingraining or is something else assisting it in the pivot.

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