Drive it Longer with 2 Key Secret Tips | Golf with Aimee

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PGA Tour Player Rickie Fowler has shared 2 secret key tips for driving it longer off the tee! Rickie can hit his drive extra 10 yards on cue. Find out what 2 things he does differently to make it happen!
I will break down the two key thoughts, explain why he does them and how these key points help him create more power & distance!


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Debra Franco says:

Great tips Aimee! But I was so distracted by the foursome in the fairway behind you that I had to watch your video twice LOL

Yusuf Celik says:

Are there any difference between driver ,wood , iron that we should concerned while swinging?

Jon Huenemann says:

Great advice Aimee!


Ah, did you notice the guys playing behind you?

Mark M says:

Excellent tips! T.Y. 👍

Maximilian P says:

I signed up for Aimee’s annual membership after reviewing other professional video lesson websites. Best video training for me. Her videos are high quality and uses great editing tools to demonstrate what’s being explained. Her teaching makes it clear she has good understanding how to get a person to do something they are not familiar with. Other teaching videos I came out saying, WTH. Aimee’s videos I came out saying, I got this.

Albert Beasley says:

Good instructions. Keep bringing it.👍🏌⛳😀

jagger says:

your a great teacher

Senghkum NHKUM says:

No more secret !!

Grunt 49 says:

Best there is!

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