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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre is joined by Barrie Edwards from Swing Fit UK and Peter Finch from Trafford Golf Centre to show you how you can increase clubhead speed in just 20 minutes by carrying out some key stretches from Barrie Edwards. Follow the stretches and you shall see a significant difference straight away!


Ben Anderson says:

Does this guy have any tricks for hitting the ball 20 yards closer to
target? ha

darkhorse2reign says:

Awesome advice and tips thanks for this one especially.

Lloyd Griffiths says:

Rick i like your video’s, and i don’t wish to sound cynical, but i do think
that some them are just a little OTT. I mean i’ve seen loads of your videos
where you consistently swing at 110-112 (G30, SLDR come to mind), so
clearly your swing speed in the video is exactly the same. What would have
been better is a before and after for example where rather trying to show a
quick fix, maybe the video could have highlighted a 3-4 month program of
golf specific strength training and then shown the results after.

Neill Hobson says:

Hi Guys,
I used the same exercises today before a competition. I have a handicap of
14 and am forever just walking onto the golf course here in France. The
exercises warmed me up in the right places. It was not about adding
distance, it was about getting my body into a good position to play. It
worked incredibly well. From the first tee i was ready to play, and
finished 2nd in the premier series (that is the french way) and hit some
really good shots all day. Awesome thanks to you guys for posting this, and
also to Peter Finch for his 20 minute warm up which i also used ( i will
post on his in a minute). Great work, keep it coming.

Joe Chen says:

Very useful tip, thanks Rick

Joshzilla1979 says:

The music was a hilarious touch!

giovanicanzona says:

why use one measure device for the first test then use a (known to be +10%)
device for test 2. its misleading nonsense . and the GC2 stated a
dispersion of 6.5 for Ricks set of drives . if you add the error up it
averages to over 23 yards off target. no fairways are that wide (56 yards)
the stretches are well worth a try for golf and overall flexibility

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Great video.. will keep this saved for my new pre-match warm up. Pete
looked liked he was struggling though during the stretch montage! Camon

Thumper15 says:

Very interesting & enlightening!…Big Baz has amazing flexibility!…Pete
especially & Rick, not so much! ha ha This really illustrates the need for
strength training and flexibility in the golf swing…thanks guys keep ’em
coming! Question for Big Baz, do you happen to work with anyone with 2
artificial hips? I have had both hips replaced and I’m curious as to
stretches you might use for someone with hip replacements…thanks

Timothy Habedank says:

Pretty incredible. 

don blem says:

Interesting. I want to see Big Baz hit 5 shots too! :-)

Pj Meaney says:

Great video. A must in my pre round routine

nazdak9 says:

Haha! Brilliant guys!

blazingdan says:

Great video! QUESTION: What is recommended for maintaining this extra
flexibility (and distance) through the round? That is, he talked a bit
about how long the stretch will last. While simply playing will keep us
relatively loose, can we prolong the benefits more by doing certain
stretches during and throughout the round? I’d love to see a prescription
for “during the round” stretching from Barrie. Not sure what would be most
beneficial without being too much.


rojothe2nd says:

I just realised your name is rick shiels and not shields

9MattDuchene says:

Gotta try this

Royale Ancient says:

Fantastic video, guys, as always! Just goes to emphasize the importance of
pre-game stretching / warm-ups etc. Dos it suggest Rick is naturally
well-strecthed (his improvement was less dramatic than Pete’s) while Pete
needs to do more Yoga?

Rick Shiels PGA says:


S. SH says:

114 people just started stretching. :D

extremescuk says:

Thanks everyone keep the comments and questions coming the more you watch
the more videos we will do 

Gustav Frelin says:

So you wouldent feel any long-term results if you do these exercises? It
only lasts 30mins? 

sburkeyboy says:


That’s all I can say. 

dairniel says:

How do you manage to get the carry distance before the ball has even landed?
Very confusing

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