Driver alignment

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David Lentine says:

Looks like you were lined up to hit in the trees! What a bogus instruction how to line up with the Driver! ????

David Lentine says:

Really that’s it! Geeez! You instructors come up with some wacky stuff! ???

Michael Lam says:

This seems to be your only video on hitting the driver.  Do you mind providing more videos on how to hit the driver?

warhol200 says:

HI there, enjoy your videos. I am a third year golfer and struggle most with the driver. Are there any videos you would recommend? Thanks.

MackdaddyNev says:

I think your a great instructor, but your intro on every video is wayy too loud!

Matthew Wong says:

Will try this. Thanks.

robo931 says:

Good stuff. But PLEASE normalize your audio levels!!!!! The intro/outro soundtrack is always waaaay too loud!

Jonathan W Golf says:

Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

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