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PGA Golf Coach, Rick Shiels guides you step by step on how to hit your golf driver, better, longer, straighter and more consistent than ever before!

To watch all THE COMPLETE DRIVER GOLF SWING GUIDE videos click here –


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey thanks so much for watching! If you liked the video drop it a thumbs up! Also if you are new feel free to subscribe (It's free to do)

To watch all THE COMPLETE DRIVER GOLF SWING GUIDE videos click here –


my hands were too close to the body . TQ

Joe Murphy says:

Your hand position at the top in your swing is much higher than your solo mo description of the proper backswing. Higher hands seem more natural would you agree?

firstsergeantallen says:

Will you do a series on how to hit irons? Thanks for this driver series great information!

StarlitShadows says:

I started experimenting with a flatter backswing like you describe here. Hitting the best drives I ever have. Much more consistent. Not so much with irons, especially short irons I end up pushing out right. Iron backswing and rotation is definitely different due to length of club I'm guessing.

Frank The Tank says:

I compensate with my grip which isn’t consistent

Frank The Tank says:

I do struggle with this aspect of my driver swing I believe I start too early with my hips which in return creates a strong fade or slice

Luca Taylor says:

democrat dealer arrival identity series chief feel sentiment will presentation intellectual rider

muzzie75 says:

Had a great session at the range after watching all the driving videos. Thanks Rick. Keep up the good work!!!

Clu TheMan says:

Looking pudgy, Rick. The wide take away, head down, hit up on the ball and following all the way through with my swing did wonders for me off the tee box. Golfers, this video has all the tips you need on getting more distance with your driver.

leeh2503 says:

Great video,love graphics. I read a book by Justin rose coach you brought book to live
Thank you

Chris McMillen says:

Best series on youtube!!! Great tips and things to keep in mind this weekend when I go play

Peter Crocitto says:

Thank you for sharing – my only additional comment which helped me in on the backswing was to ensure I maintain a bend back leg – this allowed me to properly turn and load my swing correctly. Thoughts?

Dean Ashmore says:

Thanks Rick, enjoyed the graphics add's value to your video I believe, visual golf learner so I can apply your teachings easier. SHOT!

Jacob V says:

Do you have a review on cheap drivers vs expensive?

Mike Ferrannini says:

Great series so far…worth a few watches to lock in on all of this.

Indiana Luc says:

When are you announcing the golf ball giveaway?

SR Entertainment says:

Rick– How will I know if I'm over-swinging/ swinging through the stiff flex (in terms of speed)? Do I need to slow it down?

Jason Osterhoff says:

Thanks for the video Rick!! I am having problems hitting the heel with my driver. Do you or anyone on here have any drills or suggestions that will help me fix this? it's just killing my distance!! Thank you all!!!

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