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iPhone app Driver Grip and Set Up Golf Lesson iPhone App with Mark Crossfield. Learn how to hit better tee shots with your driver with this simple golf instruction. Mark talks about the importance of a good grip and set up to allow you to hit the golf shots you deserve. This is a iPhone app golf lesson, Mark's Golf iPhone app allows golfers to watch all of Mark's amazing video lessons and reviews as well as send him a swing for a online lesson. Improve your golf today with the internet golf professional.


MrVeryslowhand says:

It would be better to see the ball instead of the sky above´╗┐

C Fish says:

Why not get you app on Android Market also?

DarthyMcBizzle says:

Thanks for reviewing my swing on this video mark. I’ve been doing better
with your advise. I am still slicing the ball but its because of my wrist
not controlling the club face. I’m going to try working on that.

TheSsasso says:

If You could this Application on the Android Market, that woud be great.

four2denty says:

Thanks for this lesson Mark, I spent an hour on the range yesterday trying
to figure out why I’m hitting to the right. I’m sure that my swing has many
faults, so I will have to pop down to Exeter soon for some lessons and club
fitting advice. I’m going back to the Portmore range again today armed with
my iPhone this time and your lessons to try to fix this once and for all.
Kind Regards, Pete

MrCabezaxxx says:

Muchas gracias

MistaKimsta says:

Do u use graphite shafts in urn iron?

four2denty says:

Thanks again Mark, I’ve just got back from the range and using your advice
has definitely helped to keep the ball going in a straight line, only now I
seem to be getting a bit too much loft and backspin, anyway I’m chuffed to
bits that they’re now going down the middle. Cheers, Pete

theMANxGOLFER says:

Can you decribe ball position versus club choice and shot. For me the ball
is on my front toe for the driver and in the middle for full wedge. I move
one or two balls front and back of the nuetral position based on the shot I
want to hit. I’ve also seen better player open and close their stance. This
help the hips through I think. Can you make a video on this topic? Thanks.

Bodycage says:

Yes, you want to be hitting the ball on an upswing with the driver, so
there will be no ground contact whatsoever.

Lawrence J. says:

Mark….can you give us glasses wearers some tips on how to play golf while
wearing glasses……particularly bi-focals……I’m struggling with
posture , front to back head tilt and keeping the ball from “moving” while
wearing glasses. Are there tricks that you use to focus on the ball while
wearing glasses. thanks larry….GR MI USA

itubeutude says:

Good one you mark. Keep up the great work.

StevieDminesapint says:

sound advice ill be ajusting my grip on saturday to destroy my playing
partner hopefully

Mark Crossfield says:

@TheSsasso i am woking on the android app, will keep you posted.

driftracer says:

great videos, going to get the app soon! suggestion for future grips video:
possible to get close up shots on your grip (point of view looking down at
your grip)? anyways thanks again keep it up!

duxbuz says:

Thanks for all great lessons. Am a little unsure how I should be using the
driver in regards to ground contact. In an earlier video you mention taking
a divot after the ball whilst using an iron. When using the driver you talk
about catching ball on the up swing, so the low point of the swing is
before the ball. Is this how to hit shots with driver?

matt1523 says:

this video, and many of his others literally took me from shooting over 100
almost every round to a score of 76. FRECKIN 76!!!! the other day, thats 6
over par at the course i was playing. I cannot believe in just a few WEEKS
his advice took me from triple digit scores to under 80, THANK YOU THANK
YOU for your videos and brilliant advice Mark

BiTechxual says:

@coryemmettfish He will do it in a couple weeks…follow him on FB

BiTechxual says:

@dancemonkey1313 looks like project x graphite version

MW2InSaN3 says:

Hi mark great tips, I’m a left handed shot can I still send you a video of
my swing?

jamie161089 says:

my friend Rodney likes to roll them like king kongs finger!

gcxnam says:

Hello Mark, I noticed that my right heel would lift before impact right
around when the club is parallel to the ground. Should your right heel
still be planted during impact for more consistency, accuracy, and power?
Thank you

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