Driver Lesson: Head Dropping Backwards | Golf with Aimee

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To hit a powerful driver, we need to learn to use hips & the spine rotation correctly!
Correct sequence is going to help hit your tee shots long & straight.
If you struggle with early extension in the downswing and your head is dropping backwards, you are at the right place. I will Aimeefy the situation and give you a simple fun & affective. Drill to help you fix the problem!

I hope you enjoy!

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Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC

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bob j says:

Need an excuse, for years, to bring a stool on the golf course!

Simon Cheung says:

Beautiful swing!

Simon Cheung says:

Nice top, good advice too.

valderja says:

Beautiful! Especially in slow mo. Nice tips Aimee. Can I ask, how tight do you grip your driver?

Gotmoptop says:

Hi Aimee. I am definitely struggling with early extension. However, my short back swing due to loss of flexibility makes it very difficult to develop power without using great effort.

Phil Kwon says:

Now, all I need is a stool to take with me to the range! Lol. Great tip! This is a huge issue for me. Definitely going to concentrate on this idea. Thanks!

dynobreath says:

The best explanation I have seen so far!

redsuneyes says:

Hi Aimee. To be honest, since last week watching your chnnel to improve English. But 2month ago I was started golf, your beginner lesson is really helpful.Thanks.

maggy crisafi says:

thanks so much aimee for the great tips

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