Chris Ryan PGA Professional at The Belfry shows you a simple pre shot routine that can help you address the ball much better with the driver and hit more fairways

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  1. I've built my game on you tube clips from various instructors but I'd say my game is currently 70% Chris Ryan, 30% other instructors hehe.(Hcp down from 15 to 4 since November 2017)Thank you Chris!

  2. That advert on unlocking your power joint for an extra 20-30 yard drive jeeeezus I fell asleep before he ended he goes on and on for ever repeating the same thing ???

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  4. Great tip Chris. Thanks, I will try it next time, as I think it will help to reduce my spinning shots that start straight but end up 20+ yards to the right.

  5. Hi chris great tips playing my best ever golf but driver was becoming a pain four left ⤴️
    Now great draw picked up 20 + yards ??‍♂️

  6. Struggled with a wicked slice with the driver, tried this set up at the range today and I was hitting straight drives, slightly pulled shots and mild fades which for someone with an index of 33.7 is more than ok. Simple to incorporate and repeatable. Thanks.

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    With thanks

  10. Chris, I just came across this video. Would this setup be the same for driver, 3 or 4 wo0od from the tee? How far from your body should the hand's bee?

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    every good wish

  13. Thanks for giving the details on the driver set up! I am typically a great driver but lately I have been inconsistent. I realize from this video, I had the club shaft in the wrong position! I love your training videos and the way you teach!!!

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