DRIVER SERIES (PART 1: Set Up Position)

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In PART 1 of this series I will be talking about the set up position with the Driver and how it is different with an iron. I will also explain why the set up is different with an iron.

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s sparko says:

Thanks! Another great video. The driver swing in under 10 minutes. Gifted instructor here.

Michael Hill says:

This guy is the best! Changed my game completely in 2 weeks!

Big Al Cervantes says:

Johnathan, how do you grip the driver?

S Iwata says:

This is the best detailed description and comparison of irons versus driver set up! I learn a lot from watching your videos. Thank you very much!

Baito Yonkers says:

Well done easy to follow.

Duane Bausman says:

Need more information on timing – what is where when

Cecil Mella says:

Presentation ❀ clear and concise

Robert Cooper says:

Just love your couching technique, clear and precise instruction makes it easy to comprehend what’s be taught. Thank you sir.

Christopher Alcosiba says:

Next time do a slow motion πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ˜‚

Pete.Bangkok noiam says:

This is very great instruction Jonathan, Thanks again.

Joe Franklin says:

Super. I am 6ft 4 and my lower body is very fast sometimes so I have to address the ball with 60%on my trail side!!
Its work in progress as I was always a 3 wood man because I can hit it as far as my driver!πŸ€”πŸ˜
Great video lesson. Thanks

BRian BANG says:

That's great teaching. Is it Korean version.

bjybhs8 says:

I put spray on my driver face to see where the impact is. I feel like no matter where I set up, ball strike is always closer to the heel. So now I have to measure with my arms extended to see where to place the ball. Any advice?

Pitcher Tiatragul says:

What are some ways to work on fixing/checking the shoulder alignment to the feet in the setup? Thanks in advance!

Dan says:

This awesome man. This the first content from you I have viewed and you immediately started dropping knowledge πŸ‘

htoo pyae says:

Please explain with a video about different between Driver, wood , irons set up position and hit . Thanks sir.

Danny poleto says:

So glad I found your channel, really helpful

Robert Rodriguez says:

Great breakdown on the set up!! Ty!!

phuc Lam says:

Awesome! Can’t wait for part 2

μž”λ””λ§›κ³¨ν”„ (ꡬ독=버디) says:

best lesson! i like him.

Michael Mccann says:

Great teaching lessons!!! Do u give lessons and where?

David Morgan says:

When you set up behind the ball with the driver….do you recommend leaving the big gap or space between the club head and ball? With irons, we generally put the club head very close to the ball.

Dennis Dunleavy says:

Hey Jonathan great video. How can you help us slicers. Do u have any videos on that? Thanks πŸŽƒ

Bryan McCaffrey says:

Dudes deserves more subscribers. Great detailed videos and easy to visualize/establish into your technique

Karl Schelin says:

Started playing golf this summer and had som major problems with the swing. Now late fall it has all fallen into place because of you! Srsly so happy and thankful!

C Kao says:

Love your contents! Can you do a stack and tilt tutorial? An extensive one?

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