In this weeks video we answer Simons question from our community on what the key differences are with your driver swing and your iron swing. This video will not only educate significantly, it will help you make a huge difference to your overall game.

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26 thoughts on “DRIVER SWING VS IRON SWING – The Difference EXPLAINED

  1. Not sure if this happens to anyone else but, when trying to hit up with driver, I tend to hit it fat. I bottom the club out before the ball and lose speed, distance, and consistency. My "good" drives only go 230-245yds and not very high. Will try these drills for sure once winter is over lol thank you!

  2. how do you deal with people who have tight hip flexors? I have tried a million things to have shaft lean and lower my launch angle(currently at 28 degrees, carry around 165). i think my right leg gets stuck behind and i have to flip my hands and it creates a pull. i tried some airswings yesterday with my right foot about 2-3 closer to the ball than my left foot wihtout really changing hip direction. it feels like i can transfer my weight much easier and i'm able to turn. am i into something or what do you recommend? you guys are the best!

  3. I struggle with staying stacked throughout my swing. I don't sway much, but my upper body tends to dip in the backswing and leans back in the through swing. A couple of swing thoughts would be great. Love the videos and the content.

  4. Great video as always, I guess closing the face is more aggressive/important (earlier in the swing?)with the driver than the iron? Many thanks, cant wait to try out those drills….need to go and buy me a thong!

  5. New MAMG member and broke 90 for the first time this weekend, so thanks very much for that guys!

    I have a question about the “K Bomb” drill though. I feel I’m pretty upright with my driving, but get good contact. When I try the leaning more to the right, the ball comes off the heel every time. Any insight would be helpful.

    Keep up the great content ⛳️?

  6. Hope you enjoyed the video and you found this video. We really want to help your game this year so please let us know what you are struggling with in your game right now by commenting below with any questions and we will choose some of your answers to create content around??‍♂⛳ If you did enjoyed the video would be great if you hit the like button, it really does help us reach as many golfers as possible?

  7. Hi, thank you so much for another amazing video. Can you help out with the difference between hitting a long iron and a short one. Basically I tend to duff the longer irons and perfectly hit the short ones. What is the correct distance to stand from the ball?

  8. I'm a new golfer as of last year. Your videos always have great information. Nobody really ever explains wrist angles at the top of your backswing or following through. This is my biggest problem at this time.

    Thank you

  9. Great Video as always – would have been good to also talk about fairway woods as well of the turf for par 5s – what swing does that need as it seems to me its more of a driver swing as opposed to an iron swing

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