Dubai Night Golf, Faldo Course Part 3

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Dubai Night Golf, Faldo Course Part 3
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

The final part of Night Golf in Dubai with @PFgolfpro and @Pin_Seekerz

Believe me it’s a good one and a slightly crazy one also! 

louis dowkes-white says:

He hit that green, app downloaded.

Rory Jackson says:

bad attitude of Rick

Joshua Robinson says:

Download the app and it just says connecting when I put my email address in
to it 

Martin Richens says:

I always enjoy the vlogs. Mr Hacker is probably the best 14 handicapper I
have ever seen!


How can you be wearing shorts

Boracay98ftw says:

My hopes of Rick making the last putt flew with the ball into the water 

Golfguy076 says:


SuperJupiter33 says:

#sandbagger the old 8 wait 14 handicapper :)

Jordan Graham says:

The cube is not ENGLISH !!!! It is shown in the whole of the UK . 

B Ballr says:

Petronas towers

l says:

simplifier is the cube answer rick :)

Riaan Nieuwoudt says:

Downloaded the app !! Loving this course vlog !! Keep it up !!

Watching all the way from Cape Town, South Africa !! 

fujitasummers says:

so odd watching you play my local..!

Darryl Beattie says:

Man, I don’t remember when you last won a match Rick… May have to
take some lessons.

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