Dude Perfect: Golf Challenge

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Welcome to the second episode of Dude Perfect's Face-Off! It's the red-head versus the tall man as Garrett and Cody square off on an epic office golf course! Who will win!? Watch to find out! FORRREEEE!

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COMMENT below to let us know your ideas for the next Face-Off !

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SONGS: Dis Go Hard and Got the Moves

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COMMENT below to let us know what you want to see!

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PepsiRushh says:

Should do a hockey faceoff would be awesome to see one! :)

Double B Man says:

A pool show off and dodge ball

Mini Perfect says:

Do an Archery Challenge

Evan Liu says:

Your next face off should be a soccer penalty shootout!

wei gao says:

I think you should do a Basketball face off


LittlePenguin 123 says:

Can I like live there, and have that office 

Carly V says:

Cody won cuz he wore that orange puma shirt! Channeling his inner Rickie

cocomash AQW says:

Can you guys just do a bunch of face off’s I just love them so much

Joseph Traverso says:

You should do a bowling face off

Will Smith says:

Either boxing, racing, gun shooting at a shooting range, or football with
all of you playing ( You could find some other friends to play!)

Elias Humal says:

billjard plese

Daniel Taylor says:

You should do some type of food eating competition! Like Wings, A Giant
Pizza or burger or something! Dude v. Food!

Jacob Marshall says:

You should do bowling face off

Griffin Gangwer says:

You should do a face off 1 on 1 basketball game

STJ says:

don’t they care about not breaking or destroying anything in the office?

Forrest Stoican says:

Basketball trickshots face off!

Zach McCauley says:

Dude perfect, big fan btw, you should do a Frisbee face off 

Nick Martin says:

Do a soccer shot face off

Truitt Munoz says:

Can y’all play pool next time?

TheDominoDudes says:

Bason Jelmonte

Malik Fortune says:

Warter balloon fight

jabari little says:

Y’all should do a basketball faceoff

Phi Lam says:

Do a game of horse!

Bedoya Boy 101 says:

Mini basketball challenge of horse or “DPHQ”!

Javon Jackson says:

Tyler’s always the sideline reporter

Rosa Leos says:

i love wwe

Dane Telford says:

You guys are killin’ it! You have you’re own office? Unreal.

Eric Dean Boone says:

do a soccer faceoff

mikail jaffer says:

you can see their golden youtube button for 1,000,000 subs

Tyson Walker says:

You inspire me so much to GO BIG!!!!!

Ryan McGarry says:

What are the chances of you guys doing more golf? 

Raw Rapper says:

Yhea you should team up with lords of gravity and do some trick shots 

Livi Gladu says:

I really like the face offs, they should try soccer golf. Its like golf but
with a soccer ball. Its real if you look it up.

GaLaxer says:

Lacrosse challenge 2 on 2 brave heart style with player and goalie the
player chooses their goalie then the goalie goes against their goalie for
ultimate champion 

Matthew Jones says:

sooooo… Tyler, you always seem to land the “reporter” role. This is
starting to feel fixed.

Asia Coleman says:

Do a basketball challenge it would be cool like really fun

Maddie Marciw says:


the structural says:

You should do hockey face of


When’s the next one going to be 

christian woo says:

I think that you should do a basketball

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