Dude Perfect Golf FACE OFF | Jon Rahm & Wesley Bryan

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Tyler and Garrett tee off against professional golfer Jon Rahm, announced by special guest Wesley Bryan.

COMMENT with the sport you want to see Dude Perfect FACE OFF in next!

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Whistle Sports says:

COMMENT with the sport you want to see Dude Perfect FACE OFF in next!

Lauren Carpenter says:

Wesley was the best announcer EVER. I died ?

ShortDJMINE88 says:


rockinrenoMC says:

Best editing ever!

Hector Tran (Student) says:

His name was the best thing in life he has been a great year for the best ever he said that you will never have any money ?

Brylea Kinney says:

Hey Dude Perfect, love you guys. I have one request, will you make a slime making face off video? Thanks!! 🙂

Eliot Vanderschrieck says:

cult you make another golf vid plss

Karen Deister says:

Hay Wesley is my name

Madi Beatty says:

I love you guys so much<3 !!!!!

zmatty7 says:

Do a soccer skills face off. Seems like it would be awesome to me, Garrett and maybe Cody would be a good match.

rikki mcmillan says:

I am a big fan and my name is Fisher

Alex Lieberman says:

Yes are you twins todaysprinkles it was loaded

Евдокия Матвеева says:

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ➨ http://tinyurl.com/ydevw7th

Raihan Yudanto says:

Dude perfect vs rory mcilroy???

Fooks714 says:

Jon is a great sport, awesome you guys got him on!

Cutts family says:

TY!!! Rock noise

Youssif King says:

Haha! Garret gets sunburned indoors!

Rabia Parveen says:

Best golfer is tiger woods

Chad Gordon says:

jon rahm is the best combination with dude perfect and his caddie cody jones

Grace Jones says:

I wish y'all liked Clemson

Sheadon Schaffer says:

I love of how much professionals use the taylormade spider tour putter I really want one but they are 400$ at the golf course I go to

Kaden Blickenstaff says:

Wesley is my favorite golfer

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