Dustin Johnson – 2018 U.S. Open – Round 3

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Dustin Johnson Third Round Highlights from the 118th U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.


Joe Sobon says:

What an ugly tournament! What an ugly golf course! It was like putting on top of a VW Bug again! Strip the land of everything, throw out some sand and seed and call it a golf course! I quit watching after the third round. The best pros Looked like clowns. Congratulations USGA you succeeded again!


You're starting to keep your rear end perfectly still. You don't want that. It will lead to pushes and pulls. Maybe one day you'll listen to me if you want to have control and tighter lines.

michael carey says:


Kevin Harris says:

Fox is terrible. Looking for a 10 minute round 3 hi-light reel….all I get are little per player, 90 second videos.

Sun Tzu says:

the only thing whiter than his name is his golf swing..

jesaliga says:

Mike Davis and the USGA screw up yet another U.S. Open.

Mat Cheung says:

They are mortals!

PRO HEN says:

They're supposed to be PRO'S, what are they even complaining about the course. It's a tournament, the best man wins no matter if it's +30 or -30. It's about winning the money, not the score!

TeaCup says:


It seems every year USGA seems to get it wrong.

KingOwen23 says:

Congrats to Mike Davis on winning this one.

TJBellamy99 says:

I like a hard US Open, but they need to find a way to make the greens playable and award good shots. The winning score should be between 3 over to about 3 under par, not 16 under like last year nor what I predict to be about 6 over this year.

WisGuy4 says:

Karma. Maybe the ghosts of some of the thousands of victims murdered each year by the cartels DJ and his cocaine habit supported were blowing his ball offline.

And no apologists whining “It’s a disease!!” Wrong. It was a deliberate decision to begin an activity that he knew was criminal, that supported organized crime and would lead to addiction.

Andrew Linch says:

Only in a US open can you shoot 7 over par and retain the lead, for the last round the USGA are putting windmills on the greens to toughen up the course a tad more LOL.

jakethemuss3 says:

Dude is a career choker.

Alam Udesky says:

The tailing off of these puts at the very end speaks volumes about adverse conditions on these greens

Klistern2 says:

38 putts. Sounds normal to me haha

BMX seeker says:

the course should reward good shots ,   not win because of luck  , that course looked pretty rough

Gerard Guitarist says:

This might sound crazy DJ but I firmly believe your putting woes today were a direct result of wearing that striped shirt. When over a putt the horizontal lines screw with your alignment. Trust me it's true.

Taco Stacks says:

Dave Portnoy won the US open

Flex Tango says:

Why is phil a liar.. come clean and keep your legacy phil.. Watch the beef interview and DQ yourself philbert

Suedeifel says:

Brutal greens 🙁

Boonyakrit Jitnukroh says:


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