Easy golf swing for Seniors

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Finally an easy golf swing for seniors to learn. This is different than all the others out there that make the same claim. My swing puts you in a unique setup that makes it easier to hit great golf shots for any golfer, not just seniors. The beauty of it is that many who change the setup no longer have to even work on the golf swing. They improve overnight. Give it a try today.

My setup 4 Impact Single Plane golf method makes it easier to hit any golf shot. It is based on a simple setup change which helps you play better your next time out. Thousands of people have followed this advice over the past 20 years with success. Now boiled down to it's most simple form. Just Setup 4 Impact it is the easiest golf swing for seniors or anybody who wants to improve their game. Get started today!! https://learninggolf.tv

Kirk has been teaching this easy golf swing for seniors for over 20 years now. He has constantly worked at simplifying the method in order to be able to help each individual improve their golf game.

You can sign up for my free video email series with 100 video lessons at https://learninggolf.tv/registration/free-subscription/

Upcoming Schools will be using Video feedback plus FlightScope X3 shot analysis.
West Palm Beach schools are now available for registration for Fall and winter schools. For more info on my upcoming golf schools visit https://learninggolf.tv/schools/

The Setup 4 Impact golf method can be fully customized to fit your own personal needs without the need for special golf clubs.

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Kirk has taught golf for 33 years now. That includes many years of conventional golf. He taught for many years for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis golf, and the Moe Norman Single plane golf swing for Todd Graves and the Graves Golf Academy. He currently teaches his Single Plane Setup 4 Impact swing which has many similarities to all of the above. The big difference is that Kirk fits the swing to each individual golfer.

Kirk Junge currently teaches fulltime in West Palm Beach, Florida in the Winter months, Cincinnati, Ohio a couple times per year. Other locations coming soon. More info at https://learninggolf.tv/about-us/about-kirk-junge/

My Single plane golf swing drills will improve your golf game very quickly. Make sure to follow my Grip and setup info as well available for free here on my channel or at https://single-plane-golf-swing.com

This amazingly easy golf swing for seniors will revolutionize the game of golf. Seniors can have more fun playing golf and because of that will not quit too early. The easiest golf swing makes golf fun again.

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Timothy Dwojak says:

I tried this method today missed only 2 fairways 4 approaches amazing how well it worked thanks so much

Travis Jaggers says:

Good video, thx. Do you think this rotary motion if feasible as we get older and flexibility becomes an issue? As you said some instructors recommend more hands/arms as we age, so just curious. Thx again.


Bryson uses same length irons . Does the ball placement change with length of iron as it pertains to standing away from ball. It seems if he had same ball placement , he would bend over for 9 I and straighter for 4 iron ?

Marty W says:

Adjusting to the way you show gripping the club with the right hand is giving me trouble. My hands feel out of sorts at the top of my backswing. Perhaps I need to do the half swings as you show here to get used to it better.

brontyn warner says:

why an i continually hitting the ball inthe heel of my driver? standing further away from the ball makes little or no difference! thanks Kirk.

David Zoller says:

I signed up for your classes about an hour or two ago yet your site can not find me i.e. I am unable to log in. very frustrating.

George Neve says:

Hi Kirk, I see that your shoulder plain is not 90 degrees on you spine angle at the top of your backswing. Most teachers promote this 90 degrees. Wat's your opinion on this?

Joe Vladovich says:

Excellent summary of your simple swing methodology. I will be working on the drills you posted during the winter ❄️ months to complete (or add) to my golf ⛳️ repertoire. Thanks for posting this useful information

Mauri Myllymäki says:

How far you hit with 7 iron ?

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