Effortless Golf Swing

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Effortless Golf Swing

In this video I show you how to get the effortless golf swing you have been dreaming about.

As you watch this video you will be amazed at how easy I can swing yet still generate significant power. This is due to the whipping action generated from keeping the arms and wrists loose throughout the swing.

The looser the wrists the faster the swing. Once you loosen up you simply connect this with a rotating body and this generates the power.

So now there are no more excuses that you are getting older, or can't turn all that fast. This is proof that anyone can swing the golf club effortlessly. This also explains why smaller and weaker players can hit the ball just as far a bigger stronger players.

Make sure you watch this tip and start loosening up as soon as you can. Once you do you will finally get that effortless golf swing you have wanted.

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Tim Smith says:

Know this is old, but this works. I saw a teenager doing this at a range
here in Thailand and thought he looked a bit goofy, but he was cracking the
ball way out there with little effort. I tried to replicate and did
alright, then I saw this video and was like, “Hey, that’s it!”.

I did enjoy watching the contrast with the two guys in the background on
this video. One has the ball forward on his left foot, the one furthest
away is exactly opposite. 

Khairul Iqram says:

I agree with Paul that we must stay loose and relaxed. Tried it at the
range and the ball goes further and straight more consistently. Thanks

Kurt Justin says:

good stuff Paul, but it is that little thing that you do a little closer to
the ball that needs to be talked about and shown….

S7R31F says:

best video…I have watched it so many times. As a beginner I am trying to
emulate this swing

Jack Strawson says:

I have your Swing Machine Golf DVD Series, which has been very helpful
overall. My problem is that with my driver my club head speed is only 70-80
mph. This seems extremely slow to me, but no matter how much I relax, I
can’t get over 80. Help….

Rob W says:

paul wilson is one of the best instructors on youtube, what he teaches
makes sense and works if you just practice it

Lori Habighorst says:

Paul, I used your instructions tonight and I hit my longest drive
ever…274. After nine holes, I started to feel some pain on the right
side of the hip, underneath where a belt would cover. Any thoughts as to
why? I know I was using my hips more than ever and that could be the
reason. If so, is that normal?

Paul Wilson Golf says:

I knew there would be doubters like you so I did another video with one of
my students check it out. the Swing Speed Radar is accurate. Type in
effortless golf swing again.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

When you are at setup you should have your grip at 2 our of 10. So the
thought is a light grip in general not necessarily a certain part of your
grip. You should also be taking all of the power out of your arms letting
them hang there at 0 out of 10. Just put the hands on gently instead of
grabbing on hard. This way you won’t be too tight right from the start.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. I have another channel too. Search ignitiongolftips
and you will find it.

Fred Jaminson says:

Great Lesson, never thought about the grip pressure or how much being
relaxed makes a difference, but it makes perfect sense. thanks.

Frank Terryberry says:

I have enjoyed your lessons. I have been watching your instruction videos
for about two weeks now and this all works. I have been playing for years
now and you’re right about playing the slice but i wanted to get better and
hit the ball straight. Thank you for the great videos.

David Hansen says:

Great swing! I love it.

Joan Botts says:

When I’m doing a nice easy swing, can my LEFT arm bend? Or do I have to try
to keep it straight the whole time? I like how you talked about keeping
everything relaxed. Currently, I do everything in my power to keep the left
arm straight and, as a result, I now have tendonitis and golfer’s elbow
BAD. Help!

rsajrsaj says:

Hi paul I have been watching you videos for sometime now and I must say
they are fantastic, Than you, But I do have a problem which could do with
fixing as soon as pos…. to the point; I can strike the ball perfect on
the range but as soon as I go out onto the course my ball striking is no
longer there… what am I doing wrong paul.. Andy hill GB

DaveZippy1 says:

Thanks Paul, This is a great lesson. If only my boy Tony could slow down
his swing, he’d probablyget enough FIRs to beat me!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

yeah, he needs work.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Your left arm should be extended but not locked. This way you will keep the
arms relaxed as you swing. The tighter your arms, the tighter your wrists,
the slower the club will swing. Oh yeah, your golfer’s elbow will disappear

Paul Wilson Golf says:

That’s great. I love hearing stories like this. Keep it effortless.

james eadie says:

as a ex boxer and now a golfer am surprised the amount of golfers who
continually try to smash the ball into next week …tempo is everything ,
timing , movement , and follow through is the best dont stop at the ball go
right through it,. think this guys is right in what he says . .good advice
here .. slow controlled movement . .

RogerDavis795 says:

I watch all your videos, and I’ve learned a lot. But this one is hard to
believe…are you sure the radar isnt picking up the BALL speed?

Bruce Chim says:

the guy behind you could use some tips, Paul, lol

paul taylor says:

it seems you have natural speed that cannot be taught. some people are born
with it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

The mental part is huge. Most people are trying to hit the object sitting
in front of them. This is why I teach the follow through first. This give
people an ending point to the swing. Just go to the ending with powerless
arms and you will develop a powerless, effortless swing.

teewoods says:

Paul is right but its easier said than done!! Sports coaches should also
study human psychology. I like many a driver ranger slash out at the ball.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

To square the face consistently you need to get both arms fully extended
about 2 feet after impact with irons and 3 feet after with woods. This is
the widest point of the arc not impact. So work on this and you will square
it very consistently.

TheStrainers says:

now if I your videos and the net when I was playing the Dunes, Showboat,
Rivera, Pahrump and the Tropicana I might have a lower score way back then.
good stuff!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

If this increased the speed keep doing it. I like the later hinge to widen
the arc and keep the arms out of the backswing. I would think the 127 is a

Anthony DePaul says:

I like the way you intertwine the mental as well as the physical aspect but
the way you do it makes the 2 become1. Very easy to understand and I
appreciate that. I haven’t played in 15 years but my dad recently passed
away and left me his clubs so in honor of him i I’m getting back to
playing. I have noticed on my own that I struggle with being tense and not
using my lower body. Seeing your vids is exactly what I was looking for. I
can’t wait to practice and apply ur techniques. Thank You Paul!

attention Delbarre says:

I enjoyed the way you explained the effortless swing

TheBagBalm says:

I think about tiger on the golf course when swinging. The result was
hitting the hell out of the ball.

Mark C says:


Russell Dawkins says:

Very good tip. I read an article many years ago on Fred Couples called
“relaxed power” and then experienced it for myself. I tried to slow my
swing down and just put the ball in the fairway , without all the pressure
to hit it long , I relaxed and started hitting it in the fairway and I
increased my distance off the tee

Robert Kay says:

Thanks, Paul. Played a few more times using the “effortless golf swing” and
the increase in my distance is unbelievable. At one time, I was often
getting only about 150-160 yards with my driver. I’m now getting mostly
200-210 yards and a few times have gotten up to about 240. I used to use
what you’ve described as a “death grip” on the club when I needed distance.
I’m now doing the opposite and my results are much better!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Glad you are getting it. I find it funny that people bash me yet I get
golfer after golfer hitting it better than they every have by doing this.
Why don’t people try it first before they form an opinion. Keep at it.

JC1966 says:

This is good advice despite the naysayers. I’ve been finding that if I try
to muscle it off the tee I’m just as likely to slice it like crazy and even
loose the ball as I am to drive it straight. Driving it long is nice but
only if the ball stays in play. If I take a much more relaxed and easy
swing my tee shot is almost always down the middle, maybe not as long as
I’d like but it sure beats a lousy drive.

Lee LM says:

Very helpful… best yet, thank you for your time and advice Paul.

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